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goonies never say die May 21st, 2007

I started surfing because of depression. My Wisconsin painter buddy Dan Attoe claimed rock-climbing salvaged him from a dark mental space — learning something new combined with physical activity. I was already having surf-themed dreams, so on my thirtieth birthday, I treated myself to a board, and braved the frigid waters of the northern Pacific with Justin from Menomena.

The shot on the right is at Indian Beach, OR — terrible surf conditions that day, but a picturesque cove shared by inquisitive seals and, yes, the GOONIES rocks in the background.

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13 Responses to “goonies never say die”

  1. dan Says:

    man alive, the photo on the left is pure bliss-
    too bad you can’t condense that feeling into your heart and carry it around all the time

  2. dan Says:

    i mean the one on the right (damn)

  3. KesheR Says:

    cheer up :(

  4. Ori Toor Says:

    Yeah, cheer up :)

  5. Marie Says:

    you are very good looking
    p.s. i

  6. Marie Says:

    i got cut off! i was going to say that i love the goonies.

  7. Alec Says:

    Aw, Ecola state park! I haven’t been there in years… I once found a rock on that beach that was a perfect circle. That beautiful dark stone. I carried it around for months until I lost it.

  8. koneko Says:

    Surfing sounds like fun ^^ The pictures are really pretty, lucky you !

    And yeah do cheer up, depression is like bad weather, it might last a while but eventually the sun always comes back! And i know what i’m talking about, really!
    Anyway it’s good to see you post lots ^_^

  9. Arlene Says:

    That looks so serene.

  10. álvaro ortiz Says:

    beautiful place!

    goonies never say die!!!


  11. Jaybird Says:

    Happy birthday!

  12. Gil Says:

    “Learning something new combined with physical activity.” Hmmm… did it work? I mean, did it lift the depression? I can see it working *while* you’re in the water, and maybe for the duration of the day, but what about the rest of the time? Duh, I know you’re not Craig Thompson, M.D., 😉 but I’m now furiously brainstorming what kind of new sport I could learn that’s suited for a semi-sedentary slacker insomniac… Just the idea of it makes me feel a tiny bit better. :)

  13. Gil Says:

    Hmm… Just looked at the date on the page and realized the slight chance of a response drops to zero when the comment is on a post that’s five years old, heh. Great photos though. And I’m glad if surfing helped you with your depression. Anything that works is worth the effort — actually, the fact that you were motivated enough to get the board and make it to Indian Beach speaks volumes! Cheers! :)

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