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  1. were you making her cry, and instead of truly consoling her, were you drawing her? i bet that was awkward. i once punched somebody in the face and then drew it… that was a crappy drawing. i also tried drawing myself picking up dog poop and drawing myself doing that. that also was awkward. boy, i sound like an asshole. I’m trying to be funny. but, alas I am failing. you in your heart, craig, you know I love you.

  2. i just realized how much my above post made no sense. I don’t sound like an asshole, I sound like a moron. who invented this thing called a blog comment? How come i can’t edit myself?

  3. Yes, more sketch book stuff! (I’d love to see more of the blankets notes, as the drawings that show through the pages of the ones you posted look really cool. Gustav Klimt style?)

  4. “Her tears intertwined with my veins”?

    So…her pain became your pain?

    Systemic veins bring blood back to the heart for reoxygenation.

    So…her tears on your arm brought her back some “life”?

    Meh. Cool drawing!

  5. This is beautiful.

    I miss your work! I keep re-reading everything that I have, but I can’t wait for your Habibi.

  6. I can’t wait for Habibi too! Re-read Blankets last night, now I’m on to Chunky and then Carnet all over again… 😀

    Very, very beautiful drawing Craig. So deeply touching. I love the way your drawing converys so much emotion. Thanks for sharing.

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