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PS… For those who asked, I won’t be making it to San Diego Comic-con. Sorry for the late notice. David Yoder, I thumbnail my books on loose leaf typing paper for easy editing. Fotini, it’s worth reading Alice Weaver Flaherty’s Midnight Disease on inspiration and block, but when I’m creatively depressed I find great solace in Henry Miller’s On Writing and Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet. That and my buddy Shannon’s advice that “the way out is through”. (Sounds like something overheard in a haze of peyote.) Chris Sweet, your story is moving. I can certainly sympathize. Aurora, too! Robin, the bulk of my hand-pain is ganglion cysts growing on all my knuckles. I spend a lot of time and money trying to get doctors to fix this. In the past, I’ve also had tendonitis which can be more easily addressed. Posture and breaks mainly. If you can’t change your posture during creative work, then change it all the rest of the time – while hanging out and eating meals, etc. And THIS works: Soak your hand in HOT water for five minutes. Then soak it in cold water for five minutes. Then hot for three, then cold for three, then hot for three, and finally cold for three. I would do this at the bathroom sink while reading a book for almost an hour. Thank you, everyone, for your comments AND for the amazing snail mail that reached my PObox this week. (Nathan, Matthew, Kim, Dan, and beautiful drawings from Sally. Plus Alec Longstreth’s latest Phase 7.) Here’s Alec and Jeffrey Brown’s recent dapper depictions of this blogger.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings, joy and pain, sketches and finished products! I really connected with Blankets. There are many moments throughout the story that are eerily similar to moments of my life. Thank you for exposing yourself through your work.

    (here comes the shameless self promotion)

    I draw an online comic and a while ago I did a tribute to you. You can see it at:

    I hope you don’t mind my crappy renditions of your characters.

  2. Craig–thanks very much for the advice! I’ll try the hot water/cold water trick. My day job has given me horrible posture over the years. Another of your blog readers suggested the pain may stem from my shoulder/neck (once again, from my job), so it looks like I may take a trip to a chiropractor. I sincerely hope the cysts on your hand aren’t bothering you these days!

  3. Hey Craig, thanks a lot for the suggestions! I’ll definitely give those a go, and yes, your friend’s Shannon’s advice sounds right… The only problem is implementing it practically 🙂 Well, it’s all about trying! Thanks again!

  4. hi i’m marta.
    i’m 27 years old and I work as an art director in a advertising agency, in Barcelona.
    I’m catalan and my english its no so good, sorry.
    i would like to expleint you something…
    have you an email adress?

  5. Hi, I used to have bad problems with hand cramps/tendonitis and have found Workpace software (designed here in NZ) to be fantastic -forces you to take microbreaks and the exercises are helpful. Self massage (ahem.) has also helped me: using a lot of moisturiser and the knuckles of your other hand, massage the upper arm for 4 mins, lower arm for 4 mins and hand for 2 mins. Results in better blood flow and relaxation, as well as breaking down scar tissue. Good luck.

  6. Just recently became a fan after reading Blankets about 2 months ago. Fantastic book, with some really beautiful art. Also just read Carnet De Voyage this week, and was wondering:

    You drew most of the pages AFTER wandering around/doing activities? And the ones that were spot illos, how long did it take to finish each, and did you just go straight onto paper with the pen, or did you pencil out whatever it was you were sketching, (like a balcony or a portrait) then ink over that?

  7. Tell Shannon he’s quoting Robert Frost.
    “The best way out is always through.”
    Notice he didn’t say ‘easiest’ way out…
    Interesting to think of Frost in a peyote haze.

  8. Hey!
    I couldn’t resist to tell you what many people couldn’t resist to tell you either . How much I loved Blankets and all the things that were similar to my life. I am a mix of all the main characters of the book, I have a handicaped sister (hydrocephaly) that cannot talk,walk….a mum that thinks the lord will come and make her walk and be healthy, another old sister (Georgia) that was my teacher througout life but made me have a hard time too (I feel a lot of empathy and simpathy for your brother John…jejeje), a crazy love story in Canada that finished cause of the distance (I am spaniard) for who I knitt a big patchwork blanket….. similarities are amazing and I can stop rereading the book again and again.
    THanks for that master piece….Love..Yvonne

  9. I came back here after a while, and can’t tell tou how gleeful surprise was to find out that you actually have started a blog.
    You’ve been such an inspiration to me. As a matter of fact you gave me confidence enough to try my own graphic novel.
    Thank you Craig.

  10. It’s great that you keep drawing even though the pain you get, i practically gave up drawing with those cysts i’ve had in my wrists for so long.
    (then again i gave up getting rid of them, with the doctors taking 12 years to admit i had something there…)

  11. Hi Craig,
    huge fan of your work, I find your artwork captivating and have used some work from blankets in the basis for my leg tattoos, we’re just in the design stage right now, but what we’ve got so far is incredible!
    I was wondering do you know of anyone else who’s done the same? Be nice to get some other ideas!
    keep up the good work!

  12. Hi there,
    Rilke’s work is an absolutely huge inspiration and source of comfort for myself. I was given it as an assignment for my college english class and have re-read it about twenty times. What is it about his work that draws you to it? For me it’s his ideas regarding solitude and the artist.

    That’s about all I have! Peace!

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