similar hunger

Big gratitude to all of you for your sweet words and good wishes and patience! It means lots that you still care during these long lapses in books. Your blog comments are such a comfort that I feel guilty for not updating more regularly. The third chapter of HABIBI is nearing completion. I’ll post a couple images upon celebration. There are all sorts of things I’d like to share with you, but the internet makes me secretive. For tonight, here’s a couple of pages from my journal with doodles and excerpts from Henry Miller and Karen Armstrong.


And here’s a sketch of E on the stairwell of my old apartment.


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  1. thank you so much craig for sharing this. i think i’ve found, if anything, the internet makes folks less secretive when they have control over what’s being conveyed. like a personal blog who’s effect can be tightly controlled without a sense of “owing the audience anything” (in fact, a friend of mine has a rather large audience and often feels like he’s got this persona and these standards to uphold but his blog is much more refreshing when he just posts what he feels without perceiving his crowd). when you realize what you’ve put forth has created a certain type of fan that will accept you no matter what, you know you’ve done a good job. and speaking on behalf of these folks, we’re with you no matter what.

    cheers craig


  2. Craig,

    Your quote from Henry Miller speaks of the individual’s dilemma between choosing to fulfill one’s duty and fulfilling one’s desire. Working on your books and reporting on this blog would appear to represent one such instance of that dilemma for you.

    This is my opinion only that I share with you, but it seems to me that in this case to fulfill your duty would satisfy our desire, so it ultimately becomes a decision of whether you want to fulfill your own desire. The blog is no obligation, and would probably become a detrimental force were it to become one. Personally, I’m just happy to know you are still enjoying life while toiling away, and thankful for every bit you decide to share with us! To echo dan’s sentiments above, your loving fans are with you all the way!

    Always the best toward you,
    – JMD

  3. “I know what the great cure is: it is to give up, to relinquish, to surrender, so that our little hearts may beat in unison with the great heart of the world.” – Henry Miller

    Sometimes, for whatever reason, we just need to connect with someone. Let go of the guilt. Everything you do is more than enough.

  4. I want to tell you how I was impressioned with your graphic novel Blankets. Discover your blog has been an amazin surprise! Thank you for showing your more recent works. You are an extraordinary drawer.
    (sorry for my english… it’s so bad…)


  5. Hey Craig,
    I love your work! I’m an oil painter (who envies comic artists) and was wondering if you ever work in oils/acrylics? Love to see an oil portrait of Chunky Rice. Look forward to Habibi.
    Chase Q

  6. Hello Craig,

    I really enjoy your blog. When my friend first lent me Blankets, the magic on each page captivated and fascinated me. But to see the hard work behind the magic on the published page is unbelievably inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your sketches and processes.

    I had one question regarding narrative. Which comes to you first, the images or the story? Does one feed the other or are they mutually initiating and responding elements?

    thank you again,
    -ben s.

  7. – Yeah! I love your work… really.
    I saw one of the tatoos and I recognise one of them: Ana from spanish comic-book titled “Spiral: Polaroids”. What a sourprise! One of my favourite comic!

  8. Hey Craig! Just came across an old thank you card you drew for me from when you visited Judson and made me think of you! I also started to re-read Blankets! It’s too sad how humanity AND the church can get in the way and mess up something as simple as Loving each other without judgement. Unfortunately too many people can preach about it, but can’t actually do it. Love your blog and your work. Can’t wait for your next novel. If you come to Chi-Town, drop me a line and we’ll get together!

    You old pal and fellow church doodler – Skrapshak!

  9. Hey Craig, I’ve been reading your stuff for years. Keep it up man, I’m looking forward to whatever comes out next.

    John P. Gallo

  10. from an older post

    “I haven’t yet “solved” the story for the main characters, because I haven’t sorted out the same issues in my own life.”

    why do the issues have to be sorted out?

  11. Hi Craig!

    I am an avid fan of your work. Way before I knew your graphic novels, I was already creating my own “graphic” diary which I often show my friends through scans in my blog site. A friend who has read your work referred me to Blankets, and I was captivated by it… I can truly relate to your experiences and outlook in life. Well, the rest is history and I found myself collecting your novels. Praying you’ll finish Habibi soon… More power to you!

  12. I just wanted to say that Blankets is my “comfort book”. You’re a very talented artist. Looking forward to Habibi as well.

  13. hi craig,

    i really love your works. and i was browsing around your blog and I chanced upon this. Right now i can just really relate with what Karen Armstrong has to say. I can’t really pin down the reason…but I’m just drawn to the quote.

    Congrats on the recent updates on Habibi btw! Looking forward to it’s publication 🙂

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