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menomenandme September 10th, 2007


Portlanders, I’ll be missing the Stumptown Comics Fest event, because I’m joining my
Menomena buddies on tour in Europe. If you live in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan,
or Barcelona — there’s a chance we can meet.

29 September ~ Paris, Nouveau Casino
02 October ~ Brussels, Botanique
03 October ~ Amsterdam, Paradiso (also with Jeffrey Lewis!)
09 October ~ Milan, Casa 139
11 October ~ Barcelona, Apollo

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be scrawling huge drawings on stage while Menomena rocks.
This happened once before with Tracker and the Blankets soundtrack and it seemed to work,
but I’ve no photos to prove this event exists. (Andy Wong, do you?)
Here’s the promotional poster however.


We’re not promoting myself on the upcoming Menomena bills, because I’ve no clue of the layout
of these Euro clubs. If the space suits it, you’ll find me drawing on stage ~ otherwise I’ll be
dancing along in the audience and signing posters at the merch table.


Here’s world-renown illustrator Carson Ellis and Danny from Menomena backstage at
the recent Decemberists/Menomena show at the Portland Edgefield.

C U n the E U

36 Responses to “menomenandme”

  1. Benoit Says:

    I’ll be there ! The idea of drawing on stage is amazing ! Looking forward to see that :)

    See you.

  2. eidelyn Says:

    i think there are pics of that event floating around flickr…

  3. Fabian Says:

    That sounds great!
    But why won’t you come to germany? Damn.

  4. Menno Says:

    Niiice. Paradiso it is! Good luck and I hope to get my hands on a signed poster! Grtz from Amsterdam.

  5. Christian Says:

    I second Fabian. Between October 3rd and 9th there would be time for a Berlin gig (hint hint)…
    Last Friday I bought the MENOMENA album – and good it is! The artwork is amazing and again one more reason why digital downloads just don´t satisfy me.

    All the best from your German pals at Reprodukt!

  6. Katrien Says:

    Great! I’ll try to be there in Brussels… Looking forward to it!

  7. tanwer Says:

    Dang! I live in Valencia, like four-unbearable-bus hours far from Barcelona.

    But, hell, Melomema sounds good enough to make that trip.

  8. Craig Says:

    I love Berlin and Reprodukt (Dirk’s amazing hand-lettering), but my main priority on the trip is to visit my CARNET friends Laëtitia & Frédéric in Lyon, so that’s where I’ll be during that week. All the best to the Reprodukt gang! (No more ping pong re-matches.)

  9. Valeria Says:

    Dear Craig, nice to raed your blog and to know yuo’ll be in italy next month!! I’d like so much to be there, but I live in Padova, about 250Km from Milan, and it’s not easy for me to do the trip in the middle of the week because of my job. Do you think you’ll come in Lucca for Lucca Comics this year (or next )in november?
    Italy is waiting for you, Craig ! Bye,

    PS. sorry for my bad english!

  10. Josie Says:

    What a fun life!

  11. Hilde Says:

    What a great concept! I’m looking forward to seeing you and Menomena at work at the Botanique in Brussels!

    I hope you’ll enjoy your stay in Europe!

  12. Lee Says:

    You have to tour with Menomena the next time they’re in California!

  13. Laurence Says:

    Zut alors!
    I definitely cannot be in Paris on the 29th, and yet it sounds real good! Well, hope to meet you some time here in Toulouse, for Habibi maybe?
    And by the way, thank you immensely for including our pink city in your Carnet; I don’t want to sound too provincially patriotic, but I must admit the few drawings of my beloved Toulouse are what thrilled me the most: “Hey, look, that’s us, that’s here; so we do exist after all! And look how sunny & peaceful it is!”
    Bises, et merci encore. Laurence
    PS: Thought your might be flattered to learn that I actually discovered the French cartoonists (Trondheim & co) after reading your own stuff…

  14. Christina Says:

    i am looking forward to habibi. unfortunately i live in the states, so i won’t get to see you on this tour…sigh. have fun though! i’m anxiously awaiting more pictures of your recent work.

  15. David Jackson Says:

    I just finished Blankets, amazing. I also saw Menomona when they were in Phoenix last, amazing. Both you guys together, Amazingly Epic. How I wish I could go.

  16. raishawn Says:

    i’m 90% sure i saw you at yakuza last night. you were even wearing a cute menomena tshirt. i was at the table next to you eating a drippy burger.

    i thought that nocturnal was closed. i guess i’ll go buy tickets.

  17. raishawn Says:

    hey wait-can i get that menomena shirt somewhere? i really like it.

  18. Culpable y Perdedor » Craig Thomson, de gira por Europa, vendrá a Barcelona Says:

    […] El autor de Blankets visitará en próximas fechas nuestro país, pero no de la manera que pensamos. Thompson cuenta en su blog acompañará al grupo Menomena en su gira europea. El dibujante realizará dibujos en directo en el escenario mientras se desarrolla la actuación. La cita española, el 11 de octubre en la sala Apolo. […]

  19. Alex Says:

    Hopefully you’ll be able to do your live artwork at Barcelona. Here you have some photos of the stage:

    I’ll hopefully travel from Valencia to Barcelona to attend. Can’t miss it!

  20. Aud. Says:

    hi, craig, i’d like to ask you about your books’ sells in brazil. it’s so difficult to find… would you know where i can find them? hugs.

  21. janvier Says:

    you lucky motherfucker :)

  22. Andrew Wong Says:

    Hey Craig and the rest,
    I only have a picture of the drawing I got from you.

    Here it is hanging on my wall, next to your Neil Gaiman poster I had framed. Also are some Kurt Halsey Frederickson pieces.

    I think that was the only show I went to at the Nocturnal. I remember there was a painting of you and your brother as boys crossing a ravine on a fallen tree log. There was a partially finished Raina sleeping on a pillow. And I think the other was you and raina in the snow. That was one of my first live art experiences. It was cool. Now I get to see Dave Choe and Saber this Wednesday. Sweet!

    Thanks for all your updates Craig. Hope all is well. Keep in touch.

  23. eRiQ Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Well – it’s the 21st here in NZ – I am celebrating my 40th birthday….

    See ya –


  24. Valeria Says:


  25. Nils Says:

    Hi Craig,

    what a pity that you are not going to travel to the Menoma-gigs in Germany, would have liked to meet you there in person. Bummer!

    Greetings also from my sister, who I brought to comic books by lending ‘Blankets’ to her.

    Maybe you like to see my illustrations on

    Greetings from Kassel/Germany, Nils

  26. Giovanni Says:

    Cool! I wish that between Milan and Barcelona There will be a concert in Rome… :)
    (happy birthday…!)

  27. Dalton Says:

    Happy birthday, Craig!

  28. Craig Says:

    Gawrsh! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everybody. You’ve already outdone last year’s birthday!

  29. nievs Says:

    Happy Birthday Craig! Can’t wait to get my hands on the pages of Habibi! I love your works! I hope you’ll consider going to asia (particularly Philippines) in the future.

  30. eki Says:

    it’s nice to know you’re coming to milano. I hope I can come to meet you, well I wish to, but as I’m claustrobhobic I don’t know if I can manage this thing, the club is really small…
    anyway, if I do muster some courage up, I’m coming.
    Shit, it’s so frustrating!!

    Have fun dude!

  31. tita Says:

    Aw.. another reason to regret moving from Amsterdam to a far, faraway place like where I am now. Wish you a great trip!

  32. edujante Says:

    We wait you in Barcelona!

  33. Debby Says:

    Hi Craig, thank you so much for the drawing. I didn’t know you were joining the band on tour, I was so surprised! I’m looking forward to your new book. Greetings! Debby (the pen-borrower-in-Brussels)

  34. Kate Says:

    Ah, Carson! The world really is small English village. So bummed to be living in San Francisco – I’ll never get to meet you! Hope all is well. Your art is an inspiration.

  35. Jaybird Says:

    I hope your travels are wonderful! I finaly bought the Menomena yesterday and i’ve been listening to it non-stop! I hope you do the art and music thing again in Portland!!


  36. Walter Dickinson Says:

    Hey Craig:
    How can I buy a copy of the Menomena poster on this blog?



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