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My first chance to update while on the road — my apologies to all neglected emails!
Thank yous to all who made it to the Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam shows. The drawing
seemed best-received in Paris, though it was inspiring to hang out with Jeffrey Lewis and the Jitters
in Amsterdam. Presently resting at the home of Frédéric and Laëtitia in Lyon while the Menomena
boys play Germany and Switzerland. The below photos were taken by Frédéric, except for the
final by my Portland friends Geneva and Jeff who happened to be in Paris. In two days, I leave
for Milan and will be editing HABIBI on the train. More photos at PITCHFORK and the
Pete Townsend finale at YOUTUBE.






(Danny on drums, Brent on keyboards/guitar, Justin on bass/sax,
Jared the soundguy, Sascha the tour manager, and me doodling.)

33 thoughts on “give it to us

  1. Craigor dear!

    P-dogg, Angela and I are sitting here in the PDX keeping warm by the light of the computer and the joy of seeing you so happy up there drawing. The video was fantastic, and Philip wants to pass along a request that you draw him naked @ the next show! G & Jeff say hello, saw them last night along with the usual crowd @ 1st Fri.

    Much love, talk soon, Shannon

  2. I still find it interesting that you have taken on this sort of thing- writing while jamming. While I’d certainly like to witness it, has anyone told you that both at the same time create some sort of effect? Obviously for the artist, the music is some sort of guide, inspiration. Hence the art. You feel inspired. But for the audience- do they feel something special by seeing the product while hearing the inspiration? Rather than just listening to the music and then flipping through art? It must be profound.

  3. Thanks all for comments! Shannon, P, G — see you soon in Portland. Tita, the youtube video displays the fate of the drawings. Playing Milan tonight and then riding in the tour van to Barcelona tomorrow… Hugs

  4. Amazing idea you guys had, and it looks even better than I had imagined it would 🙂 Really really wish I was there.

  5. Hi Craig,
    You are magnificent. I just read “Blankets,” which I found because it was mis-shelved in my public library. How can I describe the joy and zeal with which I made my way through the drawings. They are just brilliant. I have to learn about your training. Your storytelling – both visual and linguistic — is masterful.

    Why so behind? I’m kind of a maverick, so I try to steer clear of other people’s work while I’m developing my own.

    I’m so inspired.

  6. Super awesome Thompson, I wanted to make it but I couldn’t get to Paris.

    If you want to stop in Ireland on your way back to the states, come to Cork/ You can sleep on our couch.

    John P. Gallo

  7. oh man… this would be so great, great to actually see you do this… So much positive energy:)
    Keep on smilin’ !

  8. Hi Craig!

    Hope you had a good flight back home.
    Carlos and me spent the weekend talking about the drawings you made for us! now he has a good reason to go each day quite happy to the office. 😉
    Thanks a lot!
    Hope to see you soon back in Barcelona.


  9. Hi Craig! How’s your eurotrip going? I want to thank you! You gave me an idea for a project: people drawing on the music! Total art! 😉
    Hope to see you in Milan again! with less soy sauce! 😉

  10. I hope you see this soon, but are you going to go with Menomena to any US shows?

    They’re playing in Chicago and I may go just if you’re there! Haha.

  11. I bought last week your “Cuaderno de viaje” (Astiberri) and what a surprise when after 224 pages you decide to stop just when the next place gonna be… ¡¡¡Bilbao!!! (my home is at only 14 kms. from Bilbao)

    Very pretty, very pretty. I hope at least some picture about your experience in the Basque Country.

    Bye, Craig.

  12. Hi !
    I can’t believe that you had a blog and that i didn’t know it !

    Blankets a été la seule bande dessinée a m’avoir fait pleurer…bien sur, elle s’est retrouvée dans ma blibliotheque instantanément ! merci pour tout, je vous adore !! ^^

    En esperant pouvoir me faire dédicacer Blankets un jour … en attendant, sinon, cette fresque est absolument énorme je trouve !

    Bravo, you are just amazing.

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