Home from the tour! Here’s a quiet domestic scene from Lyon — Alanis, Laëtitia, Koupaïa, Samuel, Frédéric …


… and here’s one last rocknroll image — the song “twenty cell revolt” performed in Barcelona. (stolen from “elchicodelaleche” ~ lots more on FLICKR)


Big thanks to my dear Menomena buddies Danny, Brent, and Justin ~ and to Sascha and Severin for managing this adventure.
Also thanks to Jared, Teak, Danni, Benoît & Valéry, Frédéric & Laëtitia, Anne-Julia & Walter, Samuel/Koupaia/Alanis/Solveig/Anton, Mylène,
Kathleen, Dupuy & Berberian / Anne & Niki, Jeffrey/Jack/Helen/David, Uncle Hansje & Mara, Alessandro and his parents, the Disney crew,
Miriam, Marta, Carlos, Lisa, Thais, and all the kind folks we met.
Thanks to all of you who made it to the shows, and thanks to all the venues that hosted and cleaned up our messes.
Heck… here’s one last photo. (Gracias, Álvaro) The sweatiest shot of Danny I could find, and the completed wall at Barcelona seconds before
I ripped it to shreds. (whoah ~ my shadow is well-hung.)


Check out Danny’s satisfyingly detailed tour log at LOCALCUT. Now back to serious work. Cousin Brianna, please e-mail!

27 thoughts on “escargot

  1. Oh wow Craig. This is wonderful. I just came back from a show last night- Caribou- and I can only imagine how amazing it would have been to see your hands at work; set with soundtrack and awesome dramatic lighting. Thank you for sharing these photos!!

  2. Every now and then I hear about something that sounds like it was a once-in-a-lifetime type of performance and this seems like one of those times. Please tell me you are doing this again and somewhere near Ohio. I love your work and I really like Menomena.

  3. Craig:

    Very nice illustration. Your brushwork is top-notch. While I personally felt Blankets was a tad too long, the story overall was very touching. It’s nice to see your blog. I will continue to check back for updates.


  4. I would like to leave a more creative comment besides…
    “Great job!” or “I am a huge fan of your work!” (This is no doubt a fact.) But, alas, I believe I am going to go with the generic response.
    So without further adieu…
    Great Job! A graduate student living in Firenze, Italy, a few years ago, craving something to read (which I could comprehend at the time), I ventured toward the illustrated novels for (what I consider to be) a healthy dose of “soul food” at Edison located in Piazza della Repubblica. Glancing through numerous books I stumbled upon your work and have been lured in ever since. So I wanted to say “Thanks” for giving that Mid-western lady, lost in translation her comfort “fix”, all while aiding in the learning experience of the Italian Language.
    … and to this I must say….
    Cazzo… sei veramente una grande! Continui, prego, il tuo lavoro.
    Auguri a sempre…


  5. Hi, Craig! I wish I had some kooky, quirky story about “this one time” when I went to a book signing of yours and totally blanked on what to say when it was my turn, or how I ran into you in some warm hole of a cafe in Paris a few years back and I waved to you, but you really looking at something just past my shoulder. But really, the only thing I can think of to tell you is this: I have yet to find a hand as sure as yours. Wow. I hope that doesn’t sound as sappy on your end as it does on mine. I mean it, though. Thank you for doing what you do.


  6. AAAAHHHH!! Ripped it to shreds?! Say it ain’t so. My most prized autograph is the one you gave me in my copy of “Goodbye Chunky Rice”. You did an awesome little drawing of a man in a “fish-car-bicycle contraption”. You had come to talk to my Comics as Literature class at CCC. It was quite awhile back, in fact, you were still working on Blankets. I just want to say: “Thanks again”.

    I really like the domestic drawing at the top, is that colored in Photoshop, or a traditional media?

  7. Craig, you are such a huge inspiration to me as an illustrator. I’m delighted to have stumbled across your blog. Heres a link to my gallery:

    Feedback would be wonderful, but no worries if you cant.
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for enriching my life. You are up there with Marc Chagall and Cohen. xxx

  8. more and more i only seem to run into people on the internet, so i had to find you here. hello indeed! we miss you. do you know our little girl is a big girl now? insane. even insaner, is that we have #2 on the way. megans belly is getting round. we thought of having it in france, so one of us has a chance of getting out of this place! find us someday in sleepy little n.portland. or not; we think of you! hope all is spiffy.

  9. Was reading the Metro magazine in the hair shop today, and saw an article that Menomena is playing the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis next month. Will you be hopping the tour bus again? I’d love to see the show in person, rather than UTube.

  10. Hi,

    This is random, but I just wanted to tell you that you have a new fan. A friend loaned me Blankets and I loved it. I grew up in Indiana and went to a fundamentalist church, la-la-la. Then I bought Goodbye Chunky Rice and Carnet de Voyage. Bravo! Especially loved the Carnet de Voyage. I would follow your drawings anywhere. Very honest and fun. Spent three weeks in France myself this spring and I loved the revisit with you.

  11. Hi Craig,
    I bought and read blankets yesterday after months of a friend asking me if i had done it. It was a long time since the last time i felt so moved. Thanks. Today I’ve discovered your blog and i feel bad because i missed a chance to meet you and see your art live. Well, hope you come back to Barcelona soon!

  12. Hi Craig,

    I’m really sad to learn that you were in Paris last month and I missed the opportunity to see you. I’m a writer from New York currently studying in Paris. I brought “Carnet de Voyage” along on my trip, which was an appropriate book for a lost gal wandering around alone in France for five months. It was comforting to read about someone else being lonesome in a foreign land; it made my experience seem less scary and pointless and reminded me that an adventure’s beautiful moments are well worth its cruddy ones. Since savoring “Carnet,” I’ve been entertaining wild fantasies of running into you in a café here and getting a chance to tell you how much I enjoy your work. Since I sadly missed that chance, I’m telling you here.

    Thanks for decidin’ to create.
    With affection,

  13. He leido tu trabajo Blankets espectacular y sobre todo emotivo. Esta lleno de literatura y cargado de bienestar. Ya formas parte de mis favoritos. Toda mi admiracion, te deseo mucha salud. Muchas gracias por enriquecerme.

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