dueling pencils

Apologies for slow updates since returning from Europe. Believe me, I’ve been focused on HABIBI.

It’s sort of a comic book tradition for cartoonists to depict each other’s characters, but this time it’s for a book in progress.
Fellow Portland cartoonist and drawing buddy Jen Wang gifted me with this amazing drawing of HABIBI’s lead characters
Dodola and Zam. Her watercolor is on the left ~ and to the right is a panel from the second chapter.


And here’s dueling portraits — Jen’s drawing of me drawing — and my drawing of Jen drawing (drawing me drawing?)


Thank you again, everyone, for blog comments. For those in the States, watch for MENOMENA on tour — though I won’t be with them for this round.
I will, however, be talking with Matt Wagner and Shannon Wheeler at this year’s WORDSTOCK festival, November 11th on the Borders Books stage.

28 thoughts on “dueling pencils

  1. Craig,

    I’ve never commented on here before and I’m not exactly a regular reader, but I wanted to say thank you. I’d been meaning to read Blankets for the past two years or so after reading about it in some random article discussing works that involve Marquette, MI (I go to school at NMU). Anyway, I thought your book sounded interesting but for some reason I kept putting off reading it until now. I have to say, I’m glad I did. To try and keep things short, I’ll just say that I found the book incredibly relatable and infinitely beautiful. So I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing work. I can’t wait for Habibi.

  2. Amazing, pacefull duell! Waiting for your next drawings, I listen to the flying trumpets hanging in my kitchen. Thanks for their sound!

  3. My imagination goes wild every time you post something from Habibi. Now I’m thinking what could be the story of Dodola and Zam 🙂 Can’t wait.

    Love Jen Wang’s work too, hadn’t seen it before.

  4. wow! i love Jen Wang I’ve been obsessed with her for a while its amazing to see you two working together. Two of my favorite people to try and rip off all in one place. bravo.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Thompson.

  5. Mr Thompson,
    I could spend my time just reading your books…I love comic books, but yours are really, really, I don’t know how to say!
    I’m in Dublin this year, waiting for you to come, and in Toulouse most of the time, still waiting for you to come;
    What are you waiting for?!
    Keep on drawing and telling us stories, please.

  6. I’ve always wanted to go to the Woodstock Festival. I think I will be making the drive up from Eugene to hear you speak. Looks like an interesting topic.

  7. Rama,

    Jen and I would love to be on your portrait blog. And for the record, the drawings were more of a “party” than a competitive “duel” anyway.

    Thanks, everyone!

  8. Hello Craig,

    Here a little mail from Belgium. I just finished ‘een deken van sneeuw’ (blankets – which by the way is a better – more subtile-title…) Anyhow: I think your book is marvelous! It made me dream, it made me smile it made me think,… and it’s far better than ‘Suske en Wiske’ or ‘Jommeke’, (a bit of the Belgian commic icoons for kids 🙂 ) I will read more about your work and your ideas on your blog later. Maybe i will write another comment in the future.
    Kind regards, succes and inspiraration for the futur !
    Mira Roos

  9. I must ask… as an artist. When a fellow artist/friend (such as Jen) gives their own spin/POV on your work… do you find it helps you in the development of your characters?
    Also… I must comment on the photos “CLOWN SERIES” (Ben Hirak)… since it caters to my muse & in my own illustrated endeavors over the years…. I love it!
    GNEE! Clarence: the Illegitimate Clown (Sketches Oct.07)




    Anyways… keep on keepin’ on…


  10. Hello again Craig!

    Welcome home! I wish I could be there next weekend but I’ll be working… sigh. Please let us know when and where you’ll be next!


  11. Great drawings as usual, and the “fight” of artist, are great and see very funny.too. 🙂

    Could be interesting watch a video of your hands using a pentel brush as a magician.. (its only a idea…:-)

    Now I´m using all my patientness waiting for Habbibi…

  12. I´ve seen before Jen´s art in “Flight”. I really like too much her work… and yours too, of course.
    You´re invited to see my blog. A trip diarie of my periple for Shanghay.
    The book… coming soon.

    See you soon! 😉

  13. Craig this is the only way I seem to be able to contact you, I am a massive fan of your work since I read Blankets a few years ago.

    I am writing a dissertation for my final year in university on indie comics with most attention to the autobiographical stuff I was wondering if you would let me conduct an interview with you for it?

    Please let me know as soon as you can through e-mail 🙂

    Thanks again, looking forward to habibi.

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