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ps… December 25th, 2007

…it just started snowing in Portland!


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  1. KesheR Says:


  2. John C. Worsley Says:

    The appropriate verbiage is “OMG SNOW.”

    I believe it is a city statute.

  3. rachel Says:

    i know that snow was beautiful and magical.
    nice to see you at the hq party. maybe see you soon? x, r. (aka dead sailor moon).

  4. Chloe Says:


  5. Hannah Says:

    A glance of the white stuff is a rarity in the Willamette Valley. I hope it sticks!

  6. czina Says:

    i envy you this…here is dry grey weather still … you have sou great working table!

    and merry christmas

  7. Del Says:

    In the North of France too ! Merry christmas.

  8. Del Says:

    P.S. : Will you go to Angoulême in 2008 ?

  9. Diego Says:

    – Wow, snow. Here, only cold and wind… ¬¬
    I wait for your next work impatiently.

    Merry Xmas!

  10. Lucie Says:

    i’m so fan .. you’re my heroe

    (sorry i’m french my english is very poor)

    but i love youre works

    thanks for blankets

    thanks you


  11. erbaviola Says:

    hi Craig, I finished your Carnet de Voyage this morning. I love your trees! They have a so deep soul…
    Hope you’ll come to Europe again, we’re in Italy, in a zone quite near France and would be very happy to open our home to you!
    Have a nice 2008.

  12. Robert Nelson Says:

    no snow yet in the south of england :(

  13. willymj Says:

    you lucky puppy… all we get is rain!

  14. Chlo Says:

    Lucky you ! It never snows in Marseille…
    Your website is wonderful.

  15. sue c. Says:

    hi, craig, my son and i were just discussing “blankets’….he read it and loved it and wanted me to read it…..i did, and i loved it, too…..we agree that the book took us on a trip with you; the book was an experience we have now shared. great book, very touching, real, very valuable piece of art. thanks….! -sue

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