je suis en retard

pardon my lag… distracted with side projects lately, including this collaboration
with poster-king Mike King for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest.


Stumptown is a bit like camp reunion when many of my cartoonist friends roll into town.
Here some sketch portraits of one said reunion last year — Gabrielle Bell…


— and Trevor Alixopulos

— and Julia Wertz, Mari Naomi


Leaving in a day for LA where the Menomena boys and I will attend the Grammy’s. Wish us luck!


19 thoughts on “je suis en retard

  1. Dear Craig,
    when you’ll come to Paris?
    Few days ago me and the guy of the WONDERFUL Bookshop “La Comete de Carthage” in Paris have a long discussion about you and your future new book … I can’t wait … Bye

  2. Hey, Craig. It’s easy to forget how much I appreciate your art when I’m off in other places finding new artists and waiting for habibi or a new update. But with almost every update I’m once-again awestruck by how moving your art is, even when it’s not in the larger context of a narrative. I really look up to you, so keep it up! And good luck.

  3. Tu me fais rêver…you just make me dream. Marry me!!
    Dessine, dessine, jusqu’à ce que le temps s’arrête, jusqu’à ce que ton coeur cesse de battre. Montre nous ton monde.
    Much love,

  4. Mike King is awesome. He did a bunch of The Decemberists posters.

    Recently my boyfriend and I stumbled upon posters you did for an event with Neil Gaiman. We argued over who could have it. Haha.

  5. Hey Craig,

    Know you had fun even though you and Menomena didn’t win. You deserve all the attention you’re getting young man. More honors are coming round the corner…

    Take care young son (but growing up fast)…


  6. Awesome poster. I hope to be there at Stumptown this year. That reminds me — any chance you’ll be at San Francisco’s WonderCon this month?

  7. Craig
    I am a huge fan. I picked up your book Carnet de Voyage over at an awesome comic book store in Berekely. I LOVED it and found out about your two other books. I just recently read Blankets and loved it even more. Weird but my boyfriend (ex now) gave me this book for Valentine’s Day…then we broke up. Kinda ironic. I felt like your character while reading it. I was wondering where you got the name Raina? Oh! And I will be at the BookSmith in San Francisco to meet you! 🙂

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