eat, burn, & sprout

Thanks, as ever, to all of you for the kind words!

Tristan, I’m not making it to WonderCon (has it already happened?), nor will I be signing at Booksmith in SF, Jessalyne.
The promo dates on my website are all a couple of years old! (Brother Phil will amend that…)

I’ve been reluctant to reveal any pages from the fourth chapter of HABIBI since they all seem like spoilers.
(It’s a pretty loaded chapter.) Hopefully this half page and its corresponding pencils will suffice for now.



More soon!

17 thoughts on “eat, burn, & sprout

  1. fantastic stuff, and you TOTALLY gave away the plot.

    just kidding.

    ps. i’m surprised how close the inks are to the pencils, i know a lot of artists who use the pencils as a starting point and your style seemed like it would follow that looser approach. does it normally?

  2. I still love looking at the little picture you drew in my copy of Blankets at the Dancing Ganesha when you were visiting a few years ago. But this is another level entirely. I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  3. Amazing work, Craig.
    So do you have an idea when you’re planning to have the book finished?
    Every sample you have posted is just beautiful and inspiring.

  4. You’re such a master of these complex compositions!
    The ink drawing is remarkably close to the pencil sketch, something that seldom happens when somebody else does the job. You have a clear idea from the start and it gets across after all the inking.

  5. hello Craig!
    i just wanted to tell you how great your job is: i red “blankets” one year ago, and i fall in love with your work. So much poetry… it is just amasing;
    I’m french, twenty and your work is inspiring me everyday.

  6. Wow! Your work never ceases to be amazing, you make me want to change majors from photography to comic art, haha. I can’t wait for the book, good luck!


  7. Whoa. Pretty incredible stuff there, Craig. Powerful.

    WonderCon was this past weekend (starting Friday the 22nd), so heh yeah, it already happened. I’ll definitely see you at StumpTown, then.

    Thanks again for being so diligent with this blog. It’s really great to see an insight to the creative process as it is actually happening (especially with my favorite comic writer/artist!). Can we still expect Habibi (and Kissypoo Garden?) next year?

  8. Mr. Thompson, you are steadily becoming one of the most important comic artists of our time. This one illustration has superceeded my expectations of what you can do. I will buy Habibi, and I will love it.

  9. I just finished Blankets and I loved it.
    My plan was to read only some pages, but I couldn’t stop. I cried.

    Your work is beautiful!

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