papier à dessin

There’s dozens and dozens of figure drawing sketchbooks on my shelves, so I’d thought I’d occasionally post a drawing. Almost all of them are executed with those Pentel pocketbrush pens straight to paper with no pencils or erasers or fussing like my comics pages. And the subjects are admittedly almost always pretty girls/women. Occasionally I also draw trees. Here’s a couple drawings – one of Gabrielle and one of Miriam.



26 thoughts on “papier à dessin

  1. You are just so preposterously talented. No pencils or eraser? In a perfect world for me, maybe…
    I love your work. Your art truly captures the essence of your subjects. Could you post another tree drawing?

  2. I love figure drawings– these are lovely; you’ve got a way of drawing sleep that makes it look so…peaceful? beautiful? I’m not sure, but it’s something that makes me stare at the drawing for long stretches, that’s for certain.

  3. i’ve found it difficult to get my grubby little mutts on pentel pocket brushes (the only one i did find was $50.00) so i’ve been using Kuratake which is also pretty good. any suggestions for places online to get a pentel pocket brush?

  4. Lovely draws.
    I must to do more draws too. I will go to Rome in August and will do another notebook of trip. I would like to show you the one that already I have made.


  5. I love your style. Why don’t you make a selection of the best drawings in those sketchbooks and publish them? It would make the wait for Habibi less painful 😀

  6. This could be an embarassingly dumb question, but are your sketches pencilled then inked? They’re beautiful regardless, but my searing jealousy at their perfection will be diminished if I knew you had to occasionally use an eraser.

  7. I Just wanted to leave a comment and say how beautiful I find your artwork to be.
    I love the sketches above and your style is very remarkable; I love the flow of it. I have difficulty capturing either very realistic or ‘cartoony’ style in my drawings and I just admire your style; being both realistic and still dramatic. I can’t wait to see more work and pick up a copy of habibi when you’re done.

  8. i just found your site as i was craving more thompson awesomeness(sic?). my friend just loaned me blankets and after reading it in one day i have found myself pulled right into the graphic novel as art form. thank you for introducing me to this amazing art form. you bring much joy.

  9. Lovely drawings!

    I was wandering around the Haarlem comicbook festival today, and am working there tomorrow, and in the programme book it said your name on a page under the headline ‘big names’ and it made it seem as if your work was hanging in Galerie Année. But there wasn’t! The programme book is quite vague…! And I have to explain where what is tomorrow with that book…oh dear!
    Nevertheless it was fun! And the Dutch hard cover version of Carnet the voyage seemed to be doing pretty well! 😀
    Anyway, I shall end my rant here! Regards.

  10. Hey Craig,

    Your work is always amazing. Your on-the-fly portraits are incredible as well. It takes a lot of skill to do that without the ability to erase.

    By the way, funny story: My name is Jon and I have an older brother (Dan) whose middle name is Craig. We’ve been drawing comics together since early childhood. Is that cool or what?

  11. beautiful figures. this is why i very much lovingly read your comics- it’s very rare to find someone who draws figures with such life and movement witihn them!

    it’s like i can look at these girls and totally feel the atmosphere in the room!! amazing =)

  12. no pencil!??? incredible

    you really ought to get a book of your sketches together; i’d definitely be one additional person on board to own them (and copy them, because i have no originality of my own). haha


    how long, exactly, does it take you to crank out sketches like these?

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