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Quick follow-up to that last entry. Peter asked how big the sketchbook pages are. They’re 9″ x 12″.
Here’s another sketch with today’s page of HABIBI laid behind it. The HABIBI pages are drawn within
an 8.75″ x 12.5″ live area, but you can see how detailed they are compared to the sketchbook.


Because the sketches are drawn from life with plenty of space on the page, it’s easy to dash them off with pocketbrush.
But the comics compositions are ridiculously worked over – generating heaps of eraser shavings. And they’re inked with
these sable watercolor brushes (I’ve graduated to the Winsor Newton series seven!)
(That’s my hand posing to give a sense of the page size.)


Anyways, this HABIBI page was drawn today. And the sketch above is of my friend Kathleen at Benoît Peeter’s apartment in Paris.

25 thoughts on “comics vs sketchbook

  1. I love to know more about creative processes of artists I admire, and your work has a special place on my shelf and is a constant inspiration when I´m not in the mood to continue with my graphic novel. It´s your words saying that it IS hard to work on something that no one will see untill you´ve worked on it for at least a whole year that makes me keep going, because seeing what you do without being published (yet, of course) makes me go back to work really quickly, thanks a lot for that!

    Also, do you plan to write a post about your process of pre-production of a Graphic Novel? it would be great to know some of the steps you take before hitting the first brush stroke on the page.

    All the best, and keep up the good work!

  2. the expressive hands and feet (of very long legs) in your drawings always make all the difference.

    you should like make a video of your inking process – it still baffles me that you can get such regular, crisp lines with a brush.

  3. Your work is such an inspiration! I’m glad the world of blogging allows artists to share their sketches and process with each other. And also to cheer each other along when the road to the finish line of a book seems miles away.

  4. your patience and skill is baffling! as said earlier, i can’t understand how you get such amazing line quality with those brushes!

  5. thanks for this informations.
    i was always wondering how big the paper you draw on is… in real.

    the brush, your hand is posing with, this is not the brush you are drawing with HABIBI, is it?

  6. hey craig, these are incredible drawings! i was wondering about the paper you use, i remember reading somewhere that you use bristol board, but do you buy it in a certain size, or do you cut it yourself? if you do cut it, how do you know how big to cut it? just wondering,

  7. i was impressed BEFORE i knew what size you draw in. that’s not so big but still it’s full of detail and acurate lines. oh well, back to the drawing board…

    by the way i tried sketching as much as possible during my recent NYC visit, inspired by your carnet. i realized i should have bagan warming up my sketching weeks ahead. took me days before i was satisfied with a sketch.

  8. I’m a big fan Craig. But I’ve always wondered how you do the ‘dry brush technique’ that you do so well. Please share your prowess.

  9. I was killing time while my friend was still inside the British Museum by hanging out at a nearby comic book store and finally bought the book I’ve had my eye on for quite a while – Carnet de Voyage. It rocked my world. I haven’t stopped sketching since. Finally all those sketch books and pens I always buy are put into use.
    I’m still a little hesitant about sketching, still not sure what to sketch, when, and how… I’ve been sitting at the part (London weather finally allows this), and tried to sketch, but can’t get over embarrassment of sketching people around me just yet. Instead, went home and sketched from pictures. Next day went to remote park and sketched houses and trees, which is a first. I’ve always kept to people. Your book really inspired me to step out of my sketching comfort zone. I am going to take a course where it’s just sketching on location and I can’t wait.
    Though I am still baffled by your technique. I have to admit, I have been trying to mimic it a little, but to no avail thus far.
    Can’t wait to see more from you. I’m a big fan.


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