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  1. Your ability to undress your emotions through drawing is always fascinating. Like watching someone’s marriage fall apart in line at the grocery store, or sitting through teary confessions from the forty-something sitting next to you on a greyhound bound for Memphis.

    I wonder what it’s like from the other side.

  2. i really cant take the wait for this book. its killing me.

    also, is there any chance you’d ever start selling some of these little sketches? or the original art from your books? or recreations of pages from books or anything?!

  3. Great! I agree with steve, it’s a long time waiting but also I know that if you take your time the result will be better…
    well, do you have holidays in the summer? i’m sure you deserve them too!

  4. i agree. i wish you would sell more sketch work or possibly some of the pages in your other books in a grand mural form. I would be rocking if you fused all some of those pages together or something of that sort too

  5. Dear Craig,

    I only recently discovered that you had a blog, and have been amazed by it ever since. For a few months now, I have been intending to write you a real letter, and did not manage to get to it because of an insane session of no less than 8 exams, which took me approximately 6 months to prepare on a full-time basis. But now I have time, and will get to this letter! (I’m mostly building up suspence here…)

    Anyway, while I’m here, and wordy as ever, I might pour some deserved praise on you. You’re fantastically awesome! No less! I discovered you through a friend, in late December 2007 I think, with Blankets, and I was never quite touched that way by anything. More on that in the upcoming letter to you.

    Keep the faith!

  6. Cure for a broken heart:

    Microphones “The Glow pt. 2”

    Well maybe not a cure, but its helping me right now…

    Anyway, its amazing that you can take a photo, some random sketches, and make a profound statement about religion. I suppose that could just be my interpretation…

  7. Craig, what you do with pain (broken minds, shattered hearts) is so beautiful and helpful to everyone else, it hurts MY heart, but in a good way. If you know what I mean.

    You wrote “I’m so desperate to document all the beauty” but we (readers) are just as grateful when you document difficult (or contradictory) things & times, whether these are yours or others.

    as always, thank you.

    “Our lives are so stupid & mundane & magical & sacred! I’m happy & sad & naive & deluded & insecure & egocentric!” (CdeV p221)

  8. hi, there!

    don’t you have holidays? it’s summer!
    i have to work, but i think i’ll be able to scape a few days and visit my family

    nice pic, by the way
    have a nice weekend!

  9. Your blog is very interesting and for me it’s a pleasure to visit a so heartfelt place where ideas of every kind get exposed and dissected (not to mention the artistic value of drawings)

  10. Cures for broken hearts and broken minds:

    – fresh air. I live near the seaside and walking along the shore does wonders for my mind and soul.
    – KitKat bars. Guaranteed. Got me through the double-whammy of writing my PhD thesis and the upset of a broken heart. 🙂
    – exercise. You’ll need it after all of the KitKats. 🙂 But seriously, a vigorous workout drowns out the worries, negative thoughts and sadness. Your only focus is on the physical exertion and afterwards you are greeted with a wonderful sense of calm.
    – sad songs. Ryan Adams works a treat for me, but to each his/her own.

    Take care of yourself.


  11. I just late night read Carnet De Voyage, and fell in love with your work all over again. You are one of the few people who use the medium to it’s fullest extent. The union of art and words. Can’t wait for Habibi

  12. Hey Craig,

    I’m a fellow comix artist livin in NYC. I first discovered your work when I read that you had made a CD to go along with your book Blankets. This had been an idea I was messing around with myself and I must say I was rather jealous when I realized you had beaten me to the punch. Bitterly I read your Blankets book and found myself very moved by it.

    I can’t wait for Habibi, but I do have a question about it. Is the new book going to be toned? Some of your sample pages online have sepia coloring and some don’t.

    Keep up the hard work (it’ll pay off) and feel free to check out my stuff at http://www.benvsdov.com


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