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quick scribble July 17th, 2008

I took a couple of days off when my buddy Alessandro visited from Italy. Here’s a doodle from a front porch conversation:


And here’s a little jumble of chapter five progress. It’s coming along!


Thanks, as usual, for the blog comments. And on that last round, lots of useful self-preservation tips.
For those in Portland, I’ll be at my friend Danny’s LACKTHEREOF cd release party at Holocene tonight.

24 Responses to “quick scribble”

  1. stu Says:

    sweet notebook sketch. Good luck on the book, man.

  2. Jackson Says:

    The work that must go into each page sort of baffles me when I see them all laying together like that.

    And I like that conversation :)

  3. Dan Says:

    i wish there was some magazine that would serialize the chapters. that way you could get feedback as you go which could really help with momentum and also make double money at the same time! and then, when it was collected in one volume, people would buy it having loved the chapters! oh and craig, do you keep a moleskin and if you do, could we have a peek?

  4. Shannon Says:

    What a great piece of truth (and a great little drawing to go along with it). It’s always a pleasure reading your blog, good sir!

  5. Israel Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the pages of your new book look amazing. I can’t wait to read it and see what you’ve been working on for so long. Take care!

  6. Rachael Says:

    Alessandro is a very wise man.

    I’m not sure the fear ever entirely goes away, but I think it gets easier. And when do allow yourself to show your weaknesses, and truly be yourself, warts and all–and the other person does not eat you, but accepts you…that’s one of the best feelings in the world.

    And it will happen. :-)

    That jumble of chapter five progress is tantalizing!

  7. Karin Says:

    I agree totaly with Alessandro and Rachel. But it´s really hard to let somebody love you for the person they see in you, especially if he/she loves the parts, you yourself doesn´t love.

    Looking forward to se more of Habibi, it´s all so beutiful!

  8. czina Says:

    i just red menomena is playing in prague. shame you are not comming with them this time.
    i’d like to see you performing with them.

  9. mike Says:

    wow. those pages look AMAZING.

  10. stephen Says:

    i love blankets and any graphic novels dealing with issues of love and life. do you have any other graphic novels to suggest like this? what are your favorites?

  11. Matt Strawbridge Says:

    I really love the truth and playfulness in that first illustration.

    Will you publish a book of your sketches as well, do you think?

  12. Matt Strawbridge Says:

    Oh yeah, and also…

    … I can’t wait to read Habibi. I want to look at those pages with a magnifying glass, yet I don’t want to spoil anything for myself. Your blog is like this big teaser that I want to look at, yet don’t for fear of spoiling the book when it’s released. Shame on you! hahaha

  13. Shahab Says:

    I’ve loved your work since Chunky Rice…..and, well, this Habibi project looks fantastic. What is the estimated release date of this one? I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it!!

  14. Daniel Coppo Says:

    Hi Craig,
    You are welcome here in Savoie (france) for holidays in Karmaling Institute !

  15. Jacquelyn Says:

    I havent heard anything about you making an appearance at Comic-con this year. Are you coming? I would do ANYTHING for an autograph. 😀

  16. Juliette Says:

    I couldn’t agree with your friend’s statement more! 😀

  17. a fan Says:

    oh craig. thank you for that amazing front porch conversation drawing. I’m almost thirty, but still am afraid of being eaten. Good to hear I’m not the only one. best!

  18. JenW Says:

    love the snapshot of chapter 5. I’m looking forward to final product, and I’ll try to be patient. Perhaps we’ll have to come visit again and tease out more little hints.

  19. Kavita Rayirath Says:

    Those words are profound, and very simply put. Lovely thoughts. Enjoyed your blog.

  20. Anetra Says:

    I just finished reading Blankets and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing your talent, intellect, memories, and heart with all of us. Best wishes.

  21. Shaymaa Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Alessandro!!!!

  22. isabelle_yang Says:

    I was wondering if I could “re-print” your front porch doodle on my quotations blog “The Beauty of Language” (, since I love your illustration and agree whole-heartedly with what Alessandro said. Please let me know, and best of luck on your upcoming book!

  23. craig Says:

    Hi Isabelle — feel free to reprint Alessandro’s and my little front porch talk on your blog. Maybe with a link back here.
    Jacquelyn, no plans for comiccons this year.
    Matt, some day they’ll be a book of sketches or figure drawing or short stories.
    Thank you everyone for your comments!

  24. Jasjyot Singh Hans Says:

    Your lines are a luscious paradise!
    And the conversation scribble is adorable:)

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