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each fallen robin September 23rd, 2008

Two days ago was Leonard Cohen’s birthday. He started his musical career at age 33. And two days ago I turned 33!
Here’s something I jotted in my sketchbook that morning – from Javier Marías.

24 Responses to “each fallen robin”

  1. steve ponzo Says:

    happy birthday

  2. Interior Noche Says:

    I’m really amazed to know that you’ve read Javier Marías…

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. Jackson Says:

    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Sam Alden Says:

    You’ve outlived the messiah!

  5. Matthew Says:

    I love your sketchbook stuff. very good! & happy birthday.

  6. Jordi Says:

    Happy birthday. This is really nice, and i’m also suprised that you know Javier Marías! He’s great.

  7. Dalton Says:

    Happy birthday, young’un!

  8. dorota Says:

    Happy birthday!

  9. Rachael Says:

    Happy Birthday! Your birthday and Leonard Cohen’s is also my little brother’s! (He just turned 31, though, not 33). :-)

  10. czina Says:

    happy birthday!

  11. STWALLSKULL » HEY! KIDS! COMICS! : Kurtzman, Kelly, Wolverton, Brown, Jane and much more : September 24th, 2008 Says:

    […] each fallen robin from Doot Doot Garden Blog […]

  12. Peter Wild Says:

    Hi Craig

    I’m keen to invite you to contribute to an anthology I’m putting together (which will be published by Serpent’s Tail in the UK and Harper Collins in the US), featuring a mixture of prose and graphic short stories…

    If you’d like more info, fire me an email…

    Best wishes

    Pete Wild
    PS Happy Birthday from me too!!

  13. Sarah Wright Says:

    BELATED Happy Birthday!

    Does one year older mean you’re one year closer to the finished Habibi?? *falls over with excitement and a maybe a teenie slobber*

    Great scott, man, get to workin’ before you die of old age! ^_~

    Warmest birthday wishes ( — Did you at least get what you wanted?) –


  14. Lisa D Says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  15. robin Says:

    Very Happy (very belated!) Birthday, Craig!

  16. Laura Says:

    Belated happy birthday! Love seeing your sketch books.

  17. Jaybird Says:

    Happy Birthday, Craig!
    Mine just passed on Sunday. Happy September B-Days. 😉 And here’s my favorite Leonard Cohen lyrics:

    “The birds they sang
    at the break of day
    Start again
    I heard them say
    Don’t dwell on what
    has passed away
    or what is yet to be.
    Ah the wars they will
    be fought again
    The holy dove
    She will be caught again
    bought and sold
    and bought again
    the dove is never free.

    Ring the bells that still can ring
    Forget your perfect offering
    There is a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in.”

  18. Sandra Khoo Says:

    yoicks! Happy Belated Birthday,Craig! Hope you had a grand celebration.

  19. Menomenation Says:

    Between you and Danny Seim’s music I swear there is some kind conspiracy to bring on seasonal depression early this year! Yha I just turned 30 Craig and I think I might have a few good years left before ascending into “creepy old guy” at shows… I might already be there! sigh… I kid cause’ I love.

  20. Antonin Says:

    Crap, too late :(

    A french reader.

  21. Diane Says:

    “Our intentions last longer than we do.”
    Can I put that on a T-Shirt? Please?

  22. April Gutkopf Says:

    I rly like ur book “blankets” its so good and i rly think that its intoresting b/c it talks about different real life stuff and i think that it makes ppl think about real life stuff. I admier the work that u do!

  23. Rayna P. Says:

    O, Leonard. I love him more than anything in the world.

  24. Thomas S. Says:

    this is gorgeous

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