40 thoughts on “oregon-style

  1. I’m guessing this means “Oregon-style” is synonymous with “shirtless-ninja-style”. Which means I think everyone TOTALLY needs to start doing things in their life, Oregon-style.

  2. do you ninja lumberjack around central oregon? if you’d ever like to make the trip over the mountain, i’m sure the Bend Public Library would love to have you as a speaker… drop me a line if you’re interested! aprilw at dpls dot us.

  3. what is so special about oregon that so many people living or working there are in my rss reader?
    i’ve never been to usa so probably i cannot understand

  4. Yeah, Craig’s ink is of a wolf head with evergreen trees and a moon in the background. It’s really beautiful and looks almost like a pencil drawing!

  5. Ohh those are some wonderful action photos! I won’t say anything about your ‘hot bod’ cause I see other people already did so. πŸ˜› ahahahaha

    Oh, your hat is cool as well πŸ™‚

  6. Words fail me here. Aren’t you going to explain to us how your becoming a flying lumberjack happened?
    And my, do you look fit πŸ™‚ I couldn’t resist saying it since, you know, everyone else did.

  7. Man, I’ll just say what everyone else was afraid to say, I am totally masturbating right now.

    The number of boys I know that like to jump really high when they’re in the woods is astounding.

  8. @Craig: You are a complete badass.

    @ahasver: No one really knows how Oregon got so cool, but there is no arguing with it. Come visit and you will understand.

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