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Doot Doot Garden: The blog of graphic novelist Craig Thompson
this morning October 2nd, 2008

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  1. Thomas Nombril Says:

    Wow man! How many times did you watch Lawrence d’Arabie during the making of your comics?!!

  2. from chicago Says:

    if you’re conjuring up those sketches without reference, at those natural angles… i hate myself

    how much longer til done???

  3. Jordi Says:

    how does it feel dedicating so much time to a single project. it must be scary sometimes! cheers

  4. Matthew Says:

    *tear* beautiful

  5. Lili Says:

    wow, the sketsh, damn it’s just as good as the inkted ones. Gives me good vibrations to go draw right now. yep

  6. Emelia Says:

    Those clouds in the foremost frame look absolutely beautiful. I’ve always admired your applications of pen and ink.

    This truly inspires the motivations of a young artist!

  7. Christopher Downes Says:

    It looks utterly fantastic. I can’t wait till you’re finished with it all.

  8. Karen G Says:

    Hey Craig,
    Just found your blog and thought I’d say Hi! Your sketches look amazing.

    I went by Reading Frenzy the other night and noticed Carnet De Voyage in the window display right above my zine, Bumpstart. Very cool to be part of their display.

    Gotta scoot,
    Karen G.

  9. Mike Says:

    Good grief you’re good. Your brushwork is incredible. You are an inspiration to me when I get bogged down on my own project.

  10. Sean Says:

    gorgeous stuff, Craig! Is that a stormy sky at the top of that page? looks beautiful, a bit Jim Woodring-esque from afar. You draw awesome camels (though I knew that already from Carnet de Voyage). by the way, your dutch publisher, Oog & Blik lists Habibi as a 2009 release, will this indeed be the case?

  11. Walter Says:

    Craig, I’m a huge admirer of your work. I live on the Oregon Coast and have been thinking about moving out and up to Portland. Being a resident of Portland, I was wondering what you think about the schools in the area for art education. I would like to become an illustrator or, even try to do comics if I can. What schools would you recommend looking into?

  12. Jackson Says:

    I love the camel :)

  13. Amelia Duffy Says:

    Your perception of the world is truly amazing. Thank you for sharing your unique gift with us lowly-type literature buffs. Can’t wait for Habibi! Peace, love, and may your hand hold up for decades to come!

  14. Mary Says:

    I saw you at Powell’s last night and sort of gawked at you. Sorry for that! I was visiting Portland and did not expect to run into the author of Blankets in a cafe.

    thanks for the excitement and apologies for gawking.

  15. daniel og Says:

    i was posting here for centuries, never knowing you were craig thompson… i allways thought of you as the “doot-doot guy”….

  16. willem Says:

    Finally… Finally, i got my hands on Blankets. It seems like they are all sold out here and hard to re-order in shops (due January) . I think I managed to buy the last copy in the whole of belgium. Found it in a local bookshop and was so relieved to discover the blue color in between books about contemporary art and suicide bunnies. Every page I turned with reluctance (the last page came too soon!)) – enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward to new stuff! Thanks.

  17. louisa Says:

    hey there – I wanted to thank you. I just discovered Good-Bye Chunky Rice at one of those moments when life’s little mysterious turns help you through … I am Dandel to someone’s Chunky.

  18. Tyler Says:


  19. Federico Says:

    I am happy to have discovered your blog.

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