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Doot Doot Garden: The blog of graphic novelist Craig Thompson
need October 21st, 2008

Thank you continually for all the comments and support. I disagree with the sentiment from this recent HABIBI panel below.

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  1. Sean Says:

    more gorgeous stuff, Craig. wonderful! beautiful rose as well…

  2. Fotini Says:

    Sean said just what I wanted to say :)
    And you’re choosing Habibi parts to post so wisely, that there are no spoilers at all :) I can’t wait to read it. Keep up!

  3. Lili Says:

    now I’m really looking forward to read it

  4. Sam Alden Says:

    I concur with Fotini. I read this blog obsessively and I have no idea what the plot will end up being about.

    Incidentally, I love the giant pipeline. And the view outside your window makes me homesick– I could see that anywhere and know it was Portland.

  5. joseph Says:

    I don’t even have words for how sublime your pencilwork and writing are.

  6. all of us Says:

    we need you too, craig!
    the universe

  7. daniel og Says:

    in this post you reminded me of the little prince, somehow..

  8. andre almeida Says:

    fantastic. I’m from Brasil and want your Blankets… but wasnt published here…

  9. Alec Says:

    Keep up the good work Craig! I was teaching a class up here at CCS last week, and I was reminding the students that they are now part of a world-wide community of cartoonists. I said, “What time is it?” (it was about 11:30am) “On the west coast, Craig Thompson’s alarm just went off! He’s going to get up and draw some comics today! We are all in it together!” :)

  10. Rachael Says:

    How lovely! The rose, the glowing autumn leaves, the tantalizing glimpse of your work. Thanks!

  11. Arlene Says:

    The world outside your window reminds me of Long Island.

    Pretty rose.

  12. Kathryn Says:

    I remember that rose bush. It sure is fun to see these glimpses of my old house along with your gorgeous artwork. Thanks!

  13. goldfish Says:

    thank you for continuing this blog! i can’t tell you how much i love your work, and will look forward to habibi, absolutely regardless of it’s release date.

  14. Karlota Says:

    Hey there… It’s a little embarrasing to send this here but i can’t get your e-mail. I send you a letter like 5 months ago and you probably nerver got it or read it. how many letters from all over the world yo receive each day?
    Well. i just want you to know that blankets litteraly changed my life. It made me feel virgin, pure. when i red it you were promoting in paris but i didn’t know (i was living there) when you promoted it in barcelona i was in vacation there too. sounds stupid but when i learned it i felt so powerless. i would have loved to shake your hand, look you in the eye and try to explain what i feel about your work. now i live in madrid. i hope one day i’ll have the chance to say all this to you.
    thank you.
    raina and craig made me believe in love again.
    (sorry for my english)

  15. stu Says:

    good luck man. I’m glad you have things growing by you. We’re just waiting for the first snow to dump on us. they’re actually saying that might happen on Sunday.

  16. Diego Says:

    So precious images. I´m impatient for read your new work :)

  17. izas Says:

    nice rose


  18. Rev Says:

    I can’t wait ’til you finish Habibi. Finding myself rereading and rereading Blankets, Goodbye and Carnet! Good luck! That is one very lovely rose, and indeed, it reminds me of The Little Prince… I miss my own personal rose. -sigh-

  19. Joe Says:

    Scott, I love your work. A fellow Wisconsin-ite, I was completely and utterly moved by Blankets (as was my normally “not a comics fan” wife). I cannot wait for Habibi.

  20. álvaro ortiz Says:

    you draw better each day!


  21. Geneva Says:

    And we need you! You’re an inspiration and your work gets more and more beautiful with each new piece. Also, leave it to you to have such beautifully color-coordinated blog posts.

  22. L Says:

    I apologize in advance for the length of this note…

    I read Blankets after breaking-up with my first love (though I admit I won’t look back on my experience as fondly as you). I was impressed with your honesty and I thought that drawing such a story for the public eye required much bravery. (Also of note, I’m from Michigan and your depiction of our beautiful winters was dead on!)

    Your work inspired me to work on my own graphic novel with renewed vigor. The world needs more honest people, and honest stories, after all. 😉

    Looking forward to Habibi!

  23. tita Says:

    you are such a treasure!

  24. Diana Says:

    Off topic, but will you be at this weekend’s Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco?


  25. Standa Says:

    Hello Craig!
    I´ve just discovered your blog. I am from Czech republic, huge fan of Blankets, so i just wanted to say hi and wish you a good luck with Habibi. I hope it will come out here in Czech republic too, Chunky rice did not, unfortunately.

    I know that you probably hear thi all the time, but…do you have a picture of Raina? I was always so wandering how might she looks like. I know it is personal, I am just asking….

    anyway – thank you, take care and good luck!

  26. Chuck Says:

    Hi Craig, I just discovered your blog aYou have wonderful fluid lines and composition. I’m jealous of your huge brain.

  27. ruth Says:

    Hey Craig,
    You fed my need for inspiration. I am honestly saying this without any cheese – your works are seriously wonderful.

    They go beyond the visual (which, by the way, is beautiful)


  28. Sam Alden Says:

    Unrelated to your post, yet exciting nonetheless:
    I don’t know who else to kvell to about this so I’m doing it to you. I’m very happy.

  29. LEIRE Says:

    Merci pour ton travail, when I feel tired of this world there are some things that make me feel better and one of them is poetry in any way. Cette histoire de la rose c´est simple et authentique,eskerrik asko

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