new prez

It was a really pretty day in Portland the day Barack Obama came to town, and thanks to my pals the Decemberists
I got to watch from the best seats in the house – the stage alongside his podium.

10 thoughts on “new prez

  1. Isn’t it neat!! I live in New Hampshire, so when the primaries were going on, it was considered no big deal to be so close to a candidate. I was right up front row and center at a speech he gave at a highschool, and walked by Kucinich. Obama and Hillary also popped by into my highschool that week as well.
    I love America.

  2. Oh, happy days! You know, as an American living abroad, I’ve been overwhelmed by just HOW MUCH support Obama’s election has received down here in Australia. It’s incredibly heartwarming to know that the entire world is cheering for America. What a great time to be alive!

  3. Nice perspective, all that people in the meeting. it seems to be a festive one.
    In Europe Obama’s leadership has been received with hope.
    I think this was a necessary step, for the USA, and also for the world.

  4. holy crap! Being a comics artist once got me an after hours tour of the White House (Clinton-era, pre-Lewinsky) from a staffer, but I think you’ve topped that. Very impressive.

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