doodles done on a plane

Here’s three scribble doodles from my pocket-sized travel sketchbook. I’m partial to the sleeping nuns.

The shark plane idea worked its way into an homage I drew for LITTLE NEMO: Un Siécle de Rêves published by Les Impressions Nouvelles.

Safe travels, folks!

15 thoughts on “doodles done on a plane

  1. Second that on the Little Nemo homage.

    I’m often nervous about drawing random people on a plane (or any public place, for that matter). Although I see that you’ve captured a sleeper… good way to go, I’ll have to watch out for that!

  2. i´m a shark lover-hater too…
    (there´s one on my blog, take a look if you can)
    gess the wonder and fear set by it is similar to the one caused by planes too…
    that´s a cool mix!

  3. That’s brilliant! I’m a huge fan of Mr. McKay as well. (Although, I have to admit that you’re MUCH better at fitting text into word balloons than he was.) The shark plane is such a great nightmarish idea.

  4. Your sketch book drawings are amazing. I can’t tell, but it looks like the first two might be pencil and the third is ink. Do you sketch with whatever is at hand or mainly in ink?

  5. Beautiful work! I am curious as to how you colored this…digitally or executed by hand? Are there plans (hopes dreams) to publish more in color? Rabid fans want to know…

  6. hey now, christopher. I’m not feeling the slight at winsor mccay’s text.

    i’m a huge fan as well and craig’s style is completely original and very different from mccay’s… but anyhow…

    great concept, craig. the one thing you really do have in common with mccay is the ability to completely outshine your peers. take that for what it’s worth.

  7. Old entry is old but I picked up a collection of McCay’s Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend which left me laughing and astonished even more so then Nemo. They’re amazing.
    Keep it up, Craig!

  8. Hi Craig,

    I don’t know if you remember me but we’ve traded a couple of emails over the years. Among other things, I teach art. One of my goals is to make the art world familiar and accessible to all of my students. To that end, I put each of my fifth graders in touch with a working artist for a mail art correspondence. Would you have any interest in trading mail art with one of my students this year (usually around December or January)? I know my kids would love your work. If you’re into it, please let me know. I’ll send you a longer email with all the details.

    I know you’re super busy. So, thanks either way for thinking about it.

    All the best, Rama

    P.s., If you’re curious to see some of the correspondence from last year, please browse some of the photos from my classes including this amazing one by your pal, aaron:

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