25 thoughts on “blizzard

  1. First of all, that frame from Habibi looks amazing. And scary too!! Wonder how this will turn out… You keep raising the “I-can’t-wait-anymore” levels with every new post 🙂
    Secondly, what a fantastic place to draw in. I love how the view from your window changes so vividly with the seasons. And it seems like you got a white Christmas 🙂 Keep going Craig, all the best.

  2. well, being a comic artist isn’t a bad career after all… here you are working in your warm studio while the the whole world freezes out. 🙂
    Best wishes for 2009!!!

  3. Wow – the color scheme in that Habibi panel and the one in your studio looks pretty similar! …Black/white paired with, but strictly separated from, different shades of orange. Done on purpose?

    Merry winter solstice, by the way. We’re on our way towards lighter times now!

  4. merry christmas!!!!
    i wish i had a white christmas, too –but it will be cold and rainy, which is not too bad 🙂

    enjoy and take care

  5. After having enjoyed so much reading Good bye, Chunky Rice, Blankets and Carnet de voyage, it has been a great christmas gift to “discover” your blog… It’s really great to have the chance of understand the creative process and personal feelings behind your art.

    Contratulations for your work, and good luck with Habibi! It looks amazing!

    Greetings from Madrid, Spain.

    P.S.: Sorry for my english, I must improve it quickly! 😛

  6. Hey Craig, just a question: where do you keep your ink while inking with a brush like that? Is there a small table out of frame where you store it? doesn’t it annoy you to reach over to soak the brush when you’re in the flow of inking? that’s what always happens to me when I’m using a brush or nib…

  7. oh, uhm, and another question: what kind of drawing table is that? I have a very modern one myself with a plastic board, that wooden board of yours looks beautiful.

  8. Okay, wasn’t the snow that weekend crazy? And what it’s hard to get across to non-Portlanders is that Portland doesn’t have the infrastructure of a city like Madison or Chicago. The snow totally shut the city down. The city was eerily quiet and beautiful for days. Thanks for posting the photo! And awesome inking on the Habibi stuff. (But that goes without saying, right?)

  9. Hey! Blankets kept me awake al through they day (with flu, couldn’t make more than 1 hour awake lately). I got it from the public library yesterday and have just finished it. It was a surprise (good one), that I kept reading. At the very beginning I was like, “yeah, sure, not very realistic”. You see, I’m an atheist. But I’m happy I finished it, and it kind of opened my mind about christian people, and how they see things. Anyway, I think the book is good, and it gets better, so I look forward reading your future works.
    Also, love the view from your window. Madrid is like Siberia now, but it never snows here.
    One thing I didn’t get about the book: it looks unfinished. I can see it has no end (the story), but one waits at least a last thought about R…at least I did. I suppose it’s fine, but it still looks so open.
    And thanks for Just like heaven, I haven’t heard it before and it’s beautiful.

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