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Just a quick note to say that COMICS TOOLS BLOG interviewed me – along with Erika Moen, Bryan Lee O’Malley, and Hope Larson –
about brush techniques. Worth checking out if you’re curious about process. Or compare notes with my previous TOOL TALK posting.
For the record, with today’s page of HABIBI, I’m back on the Raphael 8404s!

22 thoughts on “comics tools interview

  1. I’m always so impressed by the work you do. I actually go through your blog all the time searching for tips and hints to improve my drawing. Anyway, it’s all very inspiring! Thanks!

  2. I love that character you’re drawing there. And I’m amazed by how much control you have with a brush.. I always stick to nibs but I’d like to be able to use brushes with some precision too. Thanks for the posts Craig!

  3. What’s that you’ve put around the brush? I’ve been looking for something like that myself to help with hand cramps — those little plastic triangle things you can buy for pencils don’t fit around everything. So I’m intrigued.

  4. hi craig, i’m making my first graphic novel. its the little mermaid. 🙂 you are a constant inspiration to me, and have got me hooked on graphic novels. thank you so much. i feel this is going to be a great journey for me.. all the best x

  5. My favorite part of Carnet was when you lost your brush-pen, too!

    Not that the brush-penning isn’t gorgeous — because it is. I just found a great amount of encouragement in you staying the course despite when it might’ve been easy to throw in the towel…

    For me, it’s so easy to get discouraged by even the smallest of things. It’s inspiring when artists come to a point and say, “well, it’s not going to be how I expected, but here goes nothing…”

    Thanks for that, Mr. Thompson.

  6. I’m a big fan of the Isabey 6228 as well, but I’m going to try the Raphael next. Thanks for recommending vellum finish, too–I’ve been using the “smooth” finish and find the results a little too clean.

    Question: What do you use to wash your brushes with? I find the india ink makes pretty short work of mine (even with the brush soap I’m using) and was wondering if you had any cleaning tips for extending their life?

  7. The national brushes over here in Brazil are declining fast in quality and their prices aren’t very accessible anymore. Your brush suggestions were a godsend!
    Already bought me a Cotman and the Raphael and they’re wonderful! Even imported their prices are almost the same as national brands, and they kick ass!
    Thanks for the tips and the wonderful books.

  8. Heya Craig,

    I’m dying for Habibi! Any idea when the relaease date might be…ballpark? And I was wondering who inspires you and what would you reccommend I read in the meantime?

  9. Man, oh, man. You must have one heck of a steady hand to use a brush for such small details — your stuff is perfect! If there’s anything I have a huge problem with in terms of my own ‘artwork’, it’s craftsmanship. I’m sure you use micron pens and other ink mediums too but, man… how do you do the brushwork parts so flawlessly??! Eeeeeeeee~~

    I love your style. :’D I can’t wait for Habibi.

  10. Hi Craig, I’d like to say I just read Blankets, and I could really identify with the whole experience you had being a Christian myself and leaving the church. I love the way you summed up your faith in the Luke passage because it is such a beautiful important one, its significance often ignored . I could go on and on drawing up similarities, but instead I’d like to say thanks for being so honest and writing the book. It is by far, one of the best I’ve ever read and one I really identify with. I can see Habibi is turning out well too…I am waiting for it to come out. You are a great inspiration.
    I hope you come to India one day and do a novel on our culture 😉

  11. Hey Craig! I understand how you felt meeting Mike Smith, Blankets for me was the novel that pulled me into starting my own. My biggest roadblock is inking!! In this post, what are you inking? A scan of the pencils, or tracing paper over the original sketch?
    Can’t wait for Habibi! The art is outstanding.

  12. How are you able to redraw the same character over and over again and still make them look the same. i heard the first copy is the best…. I used to draw and then stopped when highschool started and i regret it. you have an amazing talent

  13. Hello Craig!

    Again, I love looking at these process shots. They are very inspirational. I really would love to ask- what is that grip on your brush? It seems like it would be amazingly useful. Not that I want you to give away all of your trade secrets.. thank you. 🙂

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