chunky surf

a new piece of Chunky Rice art — a birthday card for my mom, actually — continuing with the Hawaiian theme.

17 thoughts on “chunky surf

  1. one of my favorite things to do as a professional illustrator is to make cards for my family. i guess i’ve been doing it since i can remember and i can think of no one happier to get them than my mom and family…

  2. hi craig, would you be interested in giving an interview to a group of illustrators from kingston university, london? it could be a telephone interview, or by email. whaddaya say? 🙂
    all the best

  3. Thanks for posting that. It’s beautiful, and a real treat to know that there is more Chunky Rice out there that we have yet to see…

  4. lucky mom!
    Chunky & Dandel (& the crazy critter friend) look they they’re having a blast! & sweet sea creatures…

  5. I’m kinda jealous that your mom gets all the cool artwork. I hope you make greeting cards cover art along with all the other great things that you do.

  6. I love how this sort of melds your old and new styles. It feels a lot more relaxed than most of the perfect curves throughout chunky rice.

  7. I discovered you with Chunky Rice, and I have to say that I fell in love with it!
    There aren’t only lovely characters and an emotional story, for me every picture in that book is a great work of art.

    I think exactly the same about Blankets.
    so, I can only say: congratulations for your brilliant work.

  8. thank you for inspiring me to pick up the brush and give it another shot – i wouldn’t have had the patience to make the transition from marker pens without having seen the beautiful works you produce. and habibi looks incredible by the way, i look forward to reading it!

  9. Mr. Thompson, this artwork is so cool, where did you come up with your ideas. The colors and shapes, and lines, they all are very intruiging. That is the kind of Graphic novel that i get drawn into

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