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  1. You know Craig,
    I’m looking at your website for the first time today, which is really bizarre considering you’re one of my favorite illustrators & writers (and I own your 3 books).
    I don’t know what to say…I’m baffled!
    All this information you provide is a complete blessing and is ô so far better than any “how to draw your own novel” book I’ve ever read!
    I’m learning about your process today and for the first time I really feel hope and a renewed courage in attacking the harduous and lonely task of writing and drawing a novel.

    Plus, all your HABIBI postings really make me look forward to it’s release!!! SOON SOON I HOPE :)))

    You truly are an inspiration to me and a great model to follow.
    For that: thank you thank you thank you!!!!
    Janie xxxx

  2. Back taking a glimps on your site after some months.
    Incredible! Don’t know how you cope with all the work.
    Wish you all the best.
    Mira from Belgium
    Ps I should read more…

  3. Hey Craig, I wanted to drop you a message through your agent, but somehow my computer is incapable of doing that. Anyways, hopefully you’ll read this. I am a student from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point and I am interested in bringing in visiting artists. I know you’re probably extremely busy, but you’re my top choice and many students here would LOVE it if you could come speak or even do a workshop. You would be compensated for your time and energy. Please let me know if you are available. Thanks a lot!

    Sara Studinski

  4. This may seem kind of weird, but I’ve always wanted you to draw a picture of King Tut. Like, with color and everything. That would be amazing.

  5. Hey Craig,

    I just entered the Decemberists’ poster contest for their first show touring their new album! I’m telling you because I think it’s pretty amazing that you’re friends with them and because you and the Decemberists have been by far the most inspirational and influential artists in my life. You can probably see the influence you’ve had on me in my entry:

    Thanks for checking it out! Best of luck as you continue Habibi!

  6. This is sad… not unbelievable but sad none the less. I read Blankets in December; I can’t really put into words how great it is…. plenty of other people have done that far better than I can so I’ll leave it at that…. Oh course I had to recommend it to everyone and wrote a blog post. I had put off reading it simply due to its emotional baggage which I wasn’t ready to subject myself to. This is what I got back from one of my friends:

    “I ordered Blankets from Amazon last week, and I was sent a bible with the words “Repent” on it. So yah. lol. Someone in the world doesnt want me to read blankets.”

    By now you might also know that Brent Knopf produced the new album for the South African band Dear Reader (used to be Harris Tweed). Anyway I got a message from Cherilyn in regards to Blankets:

    “i love ‘blankets’. it’s awesome. one of the most unique and moving things i’ve ever laid eyes on. ”

    BTW their new album “replace why with funny is awesome”….. it’s only available from city slang (at least for now) but maybe Brent can hook you up.

    I’m sure your sick of all the Blankets praise by now but this book means so much to so many; the fact that you poured so much of yourself into it both emotionally and physically with little indication of “success” is a testament to your true artistic integrity. I wish you always the best Craig.

  7. Ahem… Its probably not polite to mention this, but there’s some… Invisible ghost plasma shooting out of your nose…? and your friend soul is evacuating his body. Very unseemly.

  8. Hello Craig,

    I want to thank you for being so open in your stories and blog. I love making my comic books, and it’s nice to have something to compare my own methods to.
    Thank you,

  9. This made me smile. I just picked up a copy of Blankets… kind of a serendipitous reunion with a graphic novel I felt I had always known but never found.

    Holy jeez, that was ridiculously deep. Anyways, thanks for your amazing work! Glad it’s part of my bookshelf.


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