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The Stumptown ComicsFest seemed a success. I was especially grateful to have laid-back time with cartoonist friends Jeff Smith and
Mike & Laura Allred. It was these very cartoonists that drew me back to the comics medium, with their books BONE and MADMAN.
Jeff visited my studio on Friday to peruse Habibi pages, and Mike & Laura stopped by on Saturday.
Plus we had time to enjoy the summery sun and eat good foods.

Big thanks to all of you that made it to my Sunday talk and/or signing. You were a pleasure to meet! Also thanks to Douglas Wolk for moderating.
I wish I could share some of the images from my “powerpoint” on the blog, but I think they’d be too much of a spoiler in this form.
Here’s a simple glimpse of pencils-to-inks that shouldn’t ruin any storytelling.

21 thoughts on “cartoonist buds

  1. Woah! When did Allred have his head shaved? I remember last time he attended Stumptown in 2007 he still sported some lengthy locks. It’s pretty jarring to see a photo of him now. Mostly due to him always having the same haircut of his character, Madman/Frank Einstein.

    Also Jeff Smith looks like Kevin Eastman’s twin with that stash he’s trying to grow.

    Well good luck and keep plugging away with your graphic novel project.

  2. Wow, Craig, that’s just beautiful. Is all of the inking brushwork? I wish you’d put up some bigger versions to see all the details in her face. I love the no borders stuff here. it’s really gorgeous. I cannot wait for it to be in a book, in my hands.

  3. Hearing good stuff on Allred’s blog about Habibi. I can’t wait! It’s too much of a tease seeing bits and pieces that you post here and there… but that doesn’t mean that you should stop posting ’em! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I read Blankets last year and it spoke to me in a way that no music, movie, comic or novel ever has. I will be teaching a freshman comp course at my university this spring, and I want to include it on the reading list if at all possible (not sure what exactly I can and can’t do yet). I saw so much of my Ohio upbringing in Blankets, and I think it is something that will resonate with my students as well. Keep up the good work; I’m on tenterhooks waiting for Habibi!

  5. hi craig, i wrote this poem and wanted to share it with you:


    i was on a ship with a pair of siamese twins
    and a man with a wooden leg
    who smelled of rotten fish and salt
    shared with me his heartbreaking story
    and i saw his golden heart shine through

    i felt like forever riding on that bicycle with you
    and i can see your white ears fluttering

    we made a lot of promises under the canopy
    and so many wishes in bottles thrown out to sea

    what are the chances that one of them would come
    riding the waves
    being carried by southern winds
    floating to your toes barely
    dipping the surface as the
    arriving glass container lightly
    hitting the wooden pegs underneath the harbor,


    would you
    stop breathing
    start dancing?


    -thanks for the books. i can’t wait for habibi, i know it will be beautiful.

  6. ahnmin, i like your poem. i’ld like to have a go at writing something inspired by craigs world that we share ๐Ÿ™‚

    craig, like the photo of mike, he looks so deep in thought. hope he gave you some useful feedback.

    im working on the snow queen, do you know the story?


  7. hi there,

    i enjoyed reading the carnet a lot. beside the magnificent drawings, that in my opinion are reflecting the character of your journey in an condign way, i found it interessing to get an idea of the american view on europe.

    i’m alway exicted to see new impressions of habibi and i like the way your style has developed since blankets.
    but actually i only intened to send this link to you and “the community”. while reading the carnet again i saw this on telly. and cause the subject is “cartoonist buds” i had to post it.

    all the best,CmC=2546100.html

  8. Hi Craig,
    yesterday I read your “Blankets” and thanks to Gipi I found you’re blog and website.
    Beh I think you received a lot of awards from a lot of people for your drawings …but I’d like to add mine: so it’s a +1 for your score ๐Ÿ™‚
    Please continue the creation of these pieces of art.

  9. Craig! Your work is stunning, as usual! Also, it’s geat to have such good friends.

    I saw this week the cover to the Brazilian edition of Blankets,and I’m really happy to know that I’ll be able to read it in Portuguese. More than that: I’m happy ยดcause people around here’ll be able to read it (I’ve already, I have the original version)

    Congrats again!

  10. Hi Craig,

    I just reread Blankets for third time today (last time must be two-3 years ago). The experience was so refreshing, especially after watching Wolverine yesterday. Blankets moves me to tears every time.

    I own Carnet de Voyage and Goodbye Chunky Rice, but looking at your blog, I think Habibi will really give me what I’ve been looking for. Keep it up; the world needs more beautiful comics.


  11. Hey Craig. Quick question: Will you be doing a tool piece again? I’ve found your discussions on your work to be really helpful and was wondering if you’d have any updates in the future–especially considering how much work you’re putting into Habbibi, I was wondering if your style and your technique was continuing to evolve. I was also wondering where in Portland you picked up replacement cartridges for your Pentel pocketbrush. Thanks! Brandon

  12. i am teaching Blankets to a group of juniors & seniors @ a small public school in rural vermont as part of a survey course using only graphic novels. you should know that your art transcends age & gender. the folks dying to discuss are colleagues who have enthusiastically embarked on this journey with me . . . Habibi looks amazing. Time will stand still the moment I get my hands on it & i can’t wait!!

  13. Craig,

    You are amazing. You have supporters here in the Philippines. Imagine that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Always looking out for your updates: on the progress of Habibi and others. Inspirational, indeed.

    *sends good vibes and support*

  14. Craig,
    I didn’t grow up with comics. In fact, my mother forced me to read the Iliad and write a book report when she found me reading Archie’s Digest in junior high. When I went to college in Eugene, Mike and Laura’s the Atomics was one of the first extra-curricular books I picked up, followed quickly by Bone, Sacco’s Palestine, Cerebus and eventually, Blankets. That sealed my commitment to graphic novels, so thank you for that. I’ve enjoyed your work for several years and have been eagerly anticipating Habibi for far too long. Make it right, but make it quick!

  15. Hi Craig! It’s been a month since your last post! don’t forget us and offer us a new one! We miss you!

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