It might be old news to those in the industry, but I wanted to acknowledge the great loss of NICKELODEON magazine, especially the
COMIC BOOK insert. It was one of this generation’s best forums for cartoonists – publishing everyone from Laura Park to Art Spiegelman!
– and providing them with a living wage (though Art was probably doing fine on his own).
I’m greatly indebted to editors Chris Duffy and Dave Roman for being great bosses and pals, for financially fueling the production of both
CHUNKY RICE and BLANKETS, and for indoctrinating the youth into the medium of comics.
Plus they let me get away with bizarre and tasteless strips like this CARTOONIGAMI strip above. (published eight years ago!)
CARTOONIGAMI is sort of like a MAD FOLD-IN, only I stole the idea from Lewis Trondheim and his OuBaPo experimentations
— a comic strip which, when folded, transforms into two entirely different gags.

17 thoughts on “folded

  1. Hmmmmm, well, I love carrots too.
    Very ammusing.
    Good sir, I was wandering how it is you go about starting a comic. I know that anyone who does do comics (I think) have there own way of doing it. I love comics too tiny tiny carrot bits, and I am always saying to myself that I will do a comic, but, as always, I don just because I dont know where to start, or the ‘fear’ kicks in. If you have time, then please write some advice.
    Keep up your fantastic work. I adore it.

  2. Sigh. I loved Nick Mag for the comics. Recently in looking back, I was curious about the artist who did Southern Fried Fugitives (which I LOVED) and I was so surprised to find out that it was Kim Deitch.

    My Nick Mag favs:
    Southern Fried Fugitives
    Scene But Not Heard
    Impy and Wormer.

    I think I knew as a kid (I was pretty little when Nick Mag started, being a 90’s kid) that the comics section was going downhill when they started featuring comics from the shows that they were doing instead of the weird stuff that they had always had.

    Great magazine. It was really clever and strange. I remember sometimes they would do comics with Zelda in these photographic forms too, and there was one series where the villain was Newt Gingrich.

  3. Dang I never knew about this until now, and its discontinued. This sounds like such a fun idea I would have loved to get my hands on something like this as a kid or even now.

  4. this is the first I’ve heard of this, it comes as a sort of a blow, I think that Nick Magazine was the first place I encountered comics of any genre onther than the superhero type (other than the newspapers) come to think of it, it’s also the first place I encountered your work as well, Mr. Craig Thompson

  5. It’s funny… I SWEAR I remember these from when I got Nickelodeon Magazine when I was younger. I swear I remember it. Haha.

    Also… Is there any way you can be convinced to do a signing when you’re in Chicago? I’d pay for the ALA conference but 100+ dollars is just too much!

  6. i was so excited i printed out both images to fold them up. i read the big one, giggled, folded it up, giggled, then realized the other littler pic was for the lazy folk. DONT cater to the lazy folk. the folding is the fun part!

    hope! all! is! well! Craig! Thompson!!

  7. oh my god. oh my god. i bought that issue when i was a lil’un (eleven?) and your art made me sick to my stomach. but i could not stop looking. my little sister remembers it too. i can’t believe yo are the same artist who drew that. thank you, for haunting me in elementary school.

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