ballpoint reflection

The summer’s dwindling; and I’m still working on rewrites for those last three chapters…

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  1. you’re wonderful. very tenacious. I cant wait to read it. You’ve been working at it for a long while. What are you are plans when you are actually finished with it? how do you celebrate?

  2. Keep it up, Craig.

    Remember (I think I can speak for a lot of folks here), we want the book to be awesome, not to be on the shelves as soon as possible. If those things are mutually exclusive, so be it.

  3. Craig, hi! My name is Luisa, I’m a 27 year-old brazilian fan! How are you?
    I don’t have your email address, so I’m going to write here anyway (sorry!).

  4. Last month I bought Blankets as a gift for my husband for our first kiss 7th anniversary. When I first saw the book, it got me really curious and as soon as Bruno finished reading it I started reading it too. We both loved it! I’ve done some research and found that Blankets was launched a few years ago (but here in Brazil it’s quite news) and that you’ve done tours, received prizes and all, so maybe what I’m about to say you’ve already heard a million times, but anyway… Oh! Congratulations on the prizes, by the way!

  5. I really felt related to the book! Do you know how universal that novel is? Not because of what you wrote (don’t get me wrong, the history is really, really beautiful), but how you did it! I was born and raised at the Salvador – Bahia, an extremely hot city here in Brazil. I’ve never seen snow, I don’t know how it feels to wear more than two pieces of clothes at the same time, I’m a younger daughter of 3 who didn’t have a very strict religious education, but I felt like I was Craig the entire time!

  6. Last month I bought Blankets as a gift for my husband for our first kiss 7th anniversary. When I first saw the book, it got me really curious and as soon as Bruno finished reading it I started reading it too. We both loved it!

  7. The story was told to us by a very caring adult Craig who is beautifully able to recognize all the messiness of his growing-up process and to tell the story respecting the importance of everything that has happened to him, good and bad. And that’s exactly how I feel and so many people feel. And to know that it actually happened makes us readers feel connected to you somehow. Maybe you’ve had only a few friends back then, but I’m sure that the book gave you several good friends, a lot more than what you can imagine!

  8. So, congratulations and, most of all, thank you! This book was a true gift to me!
    Hope this encourages you during this tough time of rewriting. Wish you the best!

  9. do you feel that your living situation relates to the main character in the story?
    the summer outisde seems to be dwindling for her?

  10. For what it’s worth, I whole heartedly support your approach of putting out a whole book at once. I definitely subscribe to Heidi MacDonald’s vague theory of the “satisfying chunk” and because the ratio of the speed to create a comic versus the speed to read one is so very low, that necessitates that the “satisfying chunk” must be quite large in this medium. All that is to say: I’ll be plenty patient, just get this whole thing done at once and put it out for me in one book!

    Additionally, I just started reading the blog. I had come across it before but prevented myself from diving in for fear I would be sucked in. Well, I gave in today and let myself be sucked in and sat down and read all the way back to the very first post, so now I’m hooked. I’ll be reading the blog from now on. I love the personal touches, I love the randomness, and I can’t wait to read Habibi.

  11. I had a moment in the tornado of life to chill out and peruse the bookshelf. Saw your well-loved books there and googled you in hopes that I’d find another gem by you that I had not yet dicovered. I am so happy to have one to look forward to. : ) Cheers!

  12. Craig,

    I have one of the original posters you did for Neil Gaiman’s “Guardian Angel” tour in October of 1996. I would like to send it to you for signature, along with a postage prepaid, self-addressed envelope for its return. May I have an address to send it to for signature, please?

    WIth regards,

    Michael C. Phifer

  13. I was re-reading “Carnet du Voyage” while waiting at the doctor’s office for a rather serious appointment to begin; my mood lightened considerably as it always does whenever I read page 40. Thank you for that. I can’t wait for “Habibi”. Good luck, and cheers to your handiwork!

  14. hey Craig,

    just wanted to let you know … I can’t wait until I can finally get my hands on a freshly printed version of Habibi. you’re a great artist and inspiration for my life, and for my work … right now I’m sketching my way through my very first graphic novel … and looking through your blog I realized I should spend less time on sketching and more time on the actual artwork.

    hope to be a graphic novelist like you some day in not too distant future, but right now all we have in common is our love for European comic artists and a certain susceptibility to tendinitis. *sigh* did you ever get rid of this?

    whatever, hope you’re doing fine, keep up the amazing work you’re doing

  15. I hope that Habibi breaks my heart like Blankets does every time I read it! May you find the creativity and spirit to finish the book as you envisioned it from the beginning!

  16. Craig, I’m brazilian and I bought Blankets yesterday.. I really loved it! I read the book on the bus.. i just couldn’t stop reading! Congratulations for your job!

    I will look for other books that you made here, but it will be hard!

    Your drawing is amazing!

    Sorry for my bad english! (i don’t know write/read/talk in english, so… I hope you understand something)

  17. Hi Craig,
    I read your Carnet de Voyage while visiting Montreal, outside on a bright sunny day, it was simply outstanding and exhilarating. I loved this book (and of course I’m also a fan of Trondheim or Sfar stuff). Now, waiting for Habibi! Check out your page on ulike, the French cultural website:
    I encourage your readers to cast a vote for you

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