three dimensions

Thank you, blog-reader-friends, for the constant support! And thank you to those who have sent snail mail. I apologize that I almost never
get around to replying. Each of these deserve a personal response, but I’m lousy enough corresponding with family & friends. Hopefully it’s
reassuring that I read each of them and cherish them. Michael asked about getting his GUARDIAN ANGEL poster signed, and I need to decline,
but I would love to personalize that for you at a future signing. And Neil informed me that he’d like to collaborate on another poster soon.

In other news, I spent the summer physically incapacitated. Fractured rib(s) after being struck with a surfboard, and three weeks of NASTY
sickness from inhaling mold (not recreationally). No lumberjack photos this year! And here’s a shot of my dear brother Phil enjoying our
childhood comics stash. Who remembers “CYBORG GERBILS”? Also a 3-D comic drawn by Phil as a wee lad. We made lots of these as tikes,
though most of mine were destroyed in that ol’ burn-barrel session.

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  1. Wow, that’s amazing that you both were drawing your own 3-d comics! Did they work? It would be fun to see how you would use the technique now, maybe with creatures like in Chunky Rice. Those scenes on the boat with the waves would be ah-MAIZE-ing! 😉 (Not that you really have free time for that right now, of course).

    Sorry to hear about your ribs, it was so hot this summer it must have sucked to be stuck inside.

  2. Aw, too bad for the summer. Glad to know you’re reading all the letters. I’m pretty sure if you answered them, the recipients would cherish them as well, but .. yes sometimes it’s a duty that someone can never end.
    Do you ever regret having burned all that memories ? Or are you happy with what you’ve done? I think i could never bring myself to burn memories. But yet, they’re going to disappear one day and me too,so maybe i’m clinging to nothing that important.

    I’m very impatient to read Habibi. When do you think it will be published ?
    I love your work. Keep being awesome.


  3. wow, I tried making 3-d comics when I was a boy too, with scary dinosaurs and all. but all they did was giving me a headache …

    sorry to hear about your summer, if it helps: I was stuck inside as well … not because of injuries, but
    I had to write tons of papers for university. left no real time for anything, actually not even drawing … which I did nonetheless during nights, messing up my internal clock beyond repair and turning my days into daze. alltogether … I made to the lake once(!) this year, and I fell asleep on the beach and that was that.

    there’s always a next year I guess 🙂

  4. 3-D comics! haha! i made some of these (though mostly one-shots) when i was a kid. that’s so funny! and awesome! i don’t have any of my anymore though. bummer.

  5. Sorry to hear about the ribs… what a bummer. Lucky for us, it was not your drawing hand! I hope you’re healing up nicely. I’m glad that you get lots of fan mail, and hope you don’t feel guilty about not writing back. You give your fans plenty of good stuff to read, so maybe they’re the ones writing back.

  6. Sorry to hear about your health problems, Craig! I had a bout with some issues myself (eye-muscle injury/shingles on my head) — it caused me to miss out on meeting with Phil this summer… struggle, don’t we all?!? I hope you are healing well.

    I’ve sent you correspondence in the past — for me it is gratifying that they *do* get read in the first place, and I can certainly understand if you can’t respond — no worries 🙂

    ARBBH!!!! in 3-D!!! Cool! Ahhh, the days of the flood of B&W Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ripoffs. LOL

    Take care as always. JMD

  7. I never expect anyone to respond to my letters – not even family.

    And really, what could you have possibly said to me in return?

    Take care of yourself – cracked ribs, stressed respiratory system, aching hands, and all.

  8. So has he given up and changed his name legally yet, or does he stand by his given name with steely resolve despite the fact that half the world now knows him as “Phil?” LOL G’luck with the cracked ribs and such, at least the former happened while having fun… er, I assume.

  9. Craig! Whose board hit you? Was it Justin’s? I’ll bet it was… I still have the scar from when it attacked ME. ;P Ugh ugh ugh, I feel horrible for you. ::hug:: (but gentle hug, what with the ribs and the lungs and all)

  10. Dear Mr. Thompson,

    I am a Spanish teacher in Richmond, CA. I have a copy of “Blankets” in Spanish and I would like to use a portion of it in class while we are talking about identity and religion. It would require that I make copies of the section I want to use (pp. 47-65, and pp. 76-87). Would that be alright with you? I think a lot of my students would really identify with the story. Please send me an email so that I won’t be infringing if I make the copies.
    Hope you are well,

    – Joshua Cristantiello

  11. Dear Craig,

    I have an ambitious and perhaps unreasonable proposal. I’m looking for one or more graphic-arts collaborators for a huge writing project. I’ll be up front and state that I don’t currently have a budget to pay anyone, but I think that the idea is worthy of your consideration. The story is strange yet true.

    I started writing an epic poem twelve and-a-half years ago. It’s almost done, roughly 10k lines [of blank verse], and prints at 475 pages single-spaced. The story is a re-telling of Noah’s Ark, but without any Judeo-Christian God. The standard tale is a platform for what I wanted to focus on, which channels evolution, existentialism, Buddhism, and other stuff.

    I’m sending this letter to many narrative graphic artists, and a similar letter to anyone with contact to documentary filmmakers, specifically those more likely to take on a project without money up front. I wouldn’t propose this if I couldn’t explain why I think there would be financial success and remuneration to illustrators and/or filmmakers involved.

    Other than my writing, my family, and my day job [I teach at Community College of Rhode Island, and at the state prison], I run a business that’s just as popular as epic poems are. Last January I started SmallStock Food Strategies LLC, an edible insect company. I provide ways for everyone to try their first officially prepared insect, often a cricket. I myself have had roughly 40 kinds of insects and related “bugs,” and some of them are totally delicious. There is a market for edible insects, even if just a small one. I started being active in this subject in 2001 and have had some success over the years, including a lot of media coverage last year, which in turn got me an agent. Currently I’ve got a partner in Florida; we’ll be growing insects for the food market, meaning packaged goods on the shelves of supermarkets. Someday.

    Here are the URLs to support this wacky story. My website: includes links to the media I’ve gotten, including my appearance on The Colbert Report. The main problem is that I don’t post updates nearly often enough even though I’m doing quite a few interesting things. The same is much worse on the blog about my epic: I’m so busy doing my work and keeping the rest of my life running that I haven’t been documenting my ups and downs much. That’s one of the reasons for these letters.

    If you have questions or comments I’d love to hear them. I’ll tell you just about anything you want to know and I’m open to any ideas. And if by some chance you are not interested in this idea but know someone who might be, I’d be grateful if you passed this along. This is NOT a hoax.

    Thanks for your time,

    Dave, in Providence

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