I’m leaving tomorrow morning for BRAZIL to promote the Companhia das Letras edition of my book RETALHOS
at the Festival Internacional de Quadrinhos in Belo Horizonte, and a FNAC signing in São Paulo.

More importantly, I get to hang out with three of my favorite cartoonists: genius twins Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá, and wildman Rafael Grampá.
The twins have a new Vertigo series entitled DAYTRIPPER debuting at this exact moment.
And I recently did a pin-up for the upcoming Dark Horse edition of Grampá’s MESMO DELIVERY.

27 thoughts on “retalhos

  1. That’s a great news indeed!
    I’ve been waiting for a translation of Blankets to give as a gift to my Portuguese speaking sibling for a very long time, I’m happy it finally arrived. Enjoy Brazil!

  2. Hello Craig,

    Name’s Bruno, 27 age and writing from São Paulo, Brazil. Great news to know you are coming here to meet ur tupiniquim fans (hope u read this comment before leave Brazil to ask someone here the meaning of “tupiniquim”. This might be fun to explain/understand, I think).

    I’m reading “Retalhos”. Almost finishing. Indeed, in this exact moment, I’ve stopped my reading at page 496, on subway, coming home from pos graduation.

    That’s art, dude. Thanks for sharing and congrats for the courage.

    As u might know, Brazil is a HUGE country, and unfortunatly I will not be able to meet you personally at Belo Horizonte. Btw, the meaning of the city name is “Beatiful Horizon”, in portuguese.

    That’s my votes for u. Beatiful horizons. I’ll wish u this personally here on São Paulo.

    Tks again for the comic. So soon.

  3. HI Craig
    about Habibi, there will be there any reflection about islam and the idea of not to consider icons as something for the religion. I mean as a comic artis must be this an interesting point of discussion!

  4. Craig!

    I can’t believe that you are comming to Brasil. I read “retalhos” last week in only one hour in the book shop, and I really fell in love with your work. I just feel so sad that I live in Fortaleza (a beach capital) instead of Belo Horizonte or São Paulo, and so I won’t have the chance of meeting you…

    Well, enjoy our country! And i’m looking foward for Habibi to be published.

  5. Hy Craig!

    Man, it was VERY NICE meeting you and chating with you at FIQ! I hope you don’t forget about the comic I told you I’m making and I’ll send you! =)

    Congrats for the simplicity and the good humour!

    Hope you come back soon here in Brazil!

  6. Hello Craig!

    Thanks so much for signing my book in FIQ, you are the loveliest person and it was amazing to meet you there. I couldn’t make it to the Sao Paulo signing but I hope you had a great time there.

  7. Hi Craig!

    It was awesome… I don’t have words to describe how great it was. Thank you a lot and hope to see you back in Brazil.

  8. Hi, Craig,
    Here is José, your friend from “orange juice time”. Was a great pleasure meet you and Sierra in FIQ. Hope your trip in SP was great too. Want to keep in contact with you to change some ideas. In Belo Horizonte was impossible! Congratulations about your success here in Brazil. Come back soon!

  9. I’ve just read “Retalhos” and I loved the book. Very creative comment, I know. Nice to see that you had a good time here in Brazil, hopefully you will come back soon to promote a new one! Thanks for the wonderful story and graphics. You’ve got a new fan.

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