BRAZIL WAS AMAZING. The Portuguese word for comics – quadrinhos – apparently translates to “little frames”. Here’s cartoonist twins
Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá interviewing me on stage at the FNAC in São Paulo. And a tiny view from the hotel outide the FIQ comics festival.

The twins have one of the coolest studios in the world. Spent a rainy day there drinking lots of coffee
and nerding out over life and comics, along with Vasilis Lolos and Becky Cloonan and Dark Horse editor Sierra Hahn.

frame 1: photographer Parada towering over editor André and actress Carolina. frame 2: translator Érico and me. frame 3: publicist Renata
and marketing director Joana. frame 4: cartoonist Rafael Grampá and Carolina outside a gallery showing cartoonist Rafael Coutinho’s paintings.

OBRIGADO to fans, friends, and my publisher for being such generous hosts. I’ll miss you all!

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  1. It was fantastic to have you here, mr. Thompson. Hope you come back and visit the rest of the country (hopefully, for a promotional tour of Carnet de Voyage or Habibi, wink wink).

  2. As I said there, was amazing to meet you, Craig. Hope you and Sierra had a wonderful trip and come back soon! When the interview is online, i’ll let you know (certainly with the Darth Vader cameo)!
    Ce ça!

  3. How I said, It was nice meeting you! The FIQ 2009 woldn’t be the same without you!

    I’m working on the comic I told you, about child sexual abuse! Hope to show you soon!

    See ya!

  4. Hi Craig! It’s Moises Prado (Mouses) from Belo Horizonte,
    remember me? I was one of the last guys on the line, the one with Wolverine’s beard! 🙂

    How are you doing? How was it in São Paulo , it wasn’t better than Belo Horizonte , was it? Here it was so great! There’s no way to be better! 😀
    I met the twins Moon and Bá in the FIQ one day after you. They’re really great, as well as Grampá is, I agree with you.

    I’ve just begun to read Blankets and I already can say it’s fantastic, it’s so fascinating in the beginning, congratulations. When I finish I’ll write you again, ok?

    So that is it. We’re waiting for your next time here in Belo Horizonte , our city loves you…

    Oh! I almost forget…
    Your blog is great, it’s not just to say, I really liked it!
    Well I have a blog too: http://www.moisesprado.blogspot.com
    It’s in Portuguese, but there are some texts and poems in English too, as the last one…
    If you have a little free time visit it. I’d love your visiting; you’re always welcome there.

    Good Bye! Thanks for all friend, until the next time!…

    PS: My e-mail – moisespradosousa@yahoo.com.br

  5. I’m reading lots of junk while I wait for Habibi, but just stumbled onto Jeff Lemire’s Essex County Trilogy – holy shit – if you haven’t already done that, take a look-see… He keeps blowing my mind – a lot like my fav g-novelist! I don’t want to finish it because then the magic will stop for a time – exactly how I felt my virgin tour through Blankets back in 05!! Mr Garcia once said “magic is what we do. Music is how we do it.”. Magic is certainly what you do too, but drawing and writing is how you do it. Nothin’ left to do but smile, smile, smile! Cheers – and keep us posted! 🙂

  6. I just can’t believe you came to Brazil! I bought BLANKETS (RETALHOS) last saturday and read it all in a blink of an eye! I loved it! Then i started researching about you and find out this website (or blog). I was wondering how could I reach you some how. I have a wonderful tale (conto, in portuguese,,, i don’t know if i did the right translation) that i would like to show you. I think you’re going to love it – hope so. How can i send it to you? Best wishes and thanks for BLANKETS. Oh, yeah… I am from São Paulo, Brazil.. In case it wasn’t so clear… See ya!

  7. Hi, i’m also surprised that you came to brazil so recently… i’m from são paulo, and i read yesterday night your blankets – i could not sleep till i get it finished ! just loved it very much. i study autobiography in master degree and i’ll certainly mention your work on my research – as well as persépolis, fun home, epileptic and other great autobio-comics. cheers.

  8. Craig,
    After seeing what you’ve posted of Habibi on here, I must say I am VERY excited. I love that you don’t put it in volumes/issues. I admire that you want it to be one work. On one of the pages you showed on here, there is a man dumping small rodents for alligators. Are you vegetarian of vegan? It won’t make a difference to how much I enjoy your work, but I’m curious
    Much love,

  9. I absolutely loved your book, and loved meeting you here in São Paulo!
    And I’ll make a portrait of the drawing on my book!!

    Can’t wait for Habibi!
    And thanks again for all the great moments you gave me with “Retalhos” =)

  10. Hello Craig,

    Fantastic dessinateur et conteur. WOUAW ! BRAVO !
    As I was reading ‘Blankets’, I thought about another person, Michel Rabagliati, who is too a graphic novelist.
    Have you ever read his books ? His ‘heroe’ is Paul.
    Thank you so much for the incredilicious time we passed reading your books (Sorry for my bad english) !

  11. Oh My God!!
    I lose your interview in Sao Paulo!!! 🙁

    I have just finished to read your book “Retalhos” (portuguese transalation) and for me this is
    really wonderful book.
    I did a great job. It will became my favorite book.

    thanks for your works.

  12. It’s was such a pleasure to meet you at FIQ. I just loved Blankets! Best wishes from the guy from the north!

  13. In fact the word “quadrinhos” refers to comics in Brazil, whereas in european portuguese (Portugal)the word used for comics is “banda desenhada” a translation from the french Bande dessiné.

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