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eye of the tiger! December 31st, 2009

A toast to you, blog readers, for staying in touch year round!
If women, water, and trees are what I most enjoy drawing, than BUILDINGS rank last. Chapter seven has lots of them, and I keep getting slowed
down by tedious perspective drawings. Here’s a photo reference from an overpass construction site near my house — along with pencils and inks.

Even though my schedule slipped a bit in December, it’s safe to declare that 2010 will be the year HABIBI sees completion.
Below, a photo from my birthday in the frigid Pacific waters. Here’s to the new year!

37 Responses to “eye of the tiger!”

  1. Jose de Leon Says:

    A happy and safe 2010 to you and your family, Craig!

  2. tita Says:

    “2010 will be the year HABIBI sees completion”

    yaaay! enjoy the beginning of 2010 and hope this year brings better days!

  3. Sara Says:

    <Happy 2010 to you Craig :)
    Lots of joy, good comics.. Everything that you wish for :)

  4. Jordi Says:

    Happy New Year to you too!

  5. rowan Says:

    happy new year craig, hope it brings you everything you want and more!

  6. ` Says:

    happy new year – keep up the awesome art (:

    hopefully habibi will be issued hardcoverd as well
    (when i buy a book i attached to it and don’t buy a hardcover later ..)

    btw there is some spam on ur front page – check the html (screen shot- )

  7. cory Says:

    hell yes. this is the best new i’ve heard all year!

  8. jess smart smiley Says:


  9. David Says:

    yeah I’m with you on that whole drawing buildings thing. Its like you have to get the space relations and proportions just right if not it all looks funny. thats the issue that I find to be the most troubling.

    looks like it will be a good year with this nice news.

  10. aggy Says:

    It may be your least favourite thing to draw, but it looks awesome!
    Good luck craig, hope you have a great year

  11. Corban Says:

    I’m exactly the same. Women, trees and water and beautiful to draw, but for some reason I can never get down architecture (and cars as well!).

    Good luck, man, we’re all looking forward to seeing the new book here in the UK.

  12. alex Says:

    Olá Craig.
    Wonderful drawings here.
    “Retalhos” is beautiful, so inspiring.
    I really appreciate your work.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Jaybird Says:

    Happy New Year and belated birthday, Craig! I’m so excited to see Habibi, and it’s great to know the wait isn’t much longer.

    Good luck with all the buildings (I struggle with them too). 😉

  14. Antonio gallego Says:

    From Sevilla (Spain), happy new year for you and for yours.
    Here we wait to your HABIBI.

  15. Hannah Says:

    Yes, the buildings do look spectacular…the bane of my drawing for the 24-hour comic was bookshelves…the perspective, and all those nasty little volumes! But, yes, Happy New Year!

  16. Maiz Says:

    Looks amazing!
    Happy New Year to you!!!

  17. Katherine Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Just letting you know that over in England, I am mentioning you in my dissertation! I bet that feels strange … I would think so!

    It’s about the crossovers between Fine Art and narrative Illustration. Would be great to hear where you think the boundary lies between the two? I’m sure you have plenty of thoughts on the subject!

    Anyway, Happy New Year, and ps. drawing buildings is my least favourite thing too …

  18. Laurence Says:

    Coucou Craig!

    Habibi in 2010?! Alors ça, c’est une bonne nouvelle! Sounds sort of redundant to say that here, but I’m so looking forward to it!

    Oh and if I may – my friend Agathe has just “published” her first graphic novel; ok it’s all in French, but I swear it’s very good.
    Well at least here’s her cute cute blog
    Bises, bonne année 2010 à toi, best of everything.

  19. Jennifer Says:

    Can’t wait to read your new work.
    Hope the New Year brings good things.

  20. Gustavo Racca Says:

    Hi Craig,

    My name is Gustavo, I’m from Brazil.
    For some time I’ve been wanting to write for you, specialy after reading “Blankets” (Retalhos here in Brazil). The best graffic novel readed in the past year. I liked a lot. Congrtulations on the excelent work.

    I like to draw to and have a blog too. Go there some time. It would be an honor.

    Happy new year, by the way!!!

  21. rowan Says:

    hi tiger, happy new year

    with love! x

  22. jenny Says:

    In 2009, I discovered this whole new band of artists, including you, who make comics a form of literature. I used to think comics were just fantasy books for teenage boys or creepy guys going to see Star Trek in Spock costume, even though I must admit that fantasy books are well drawn. I want to say thank you for keeping this blog. An artist of your stature doesn’t have to do it. Aside from the interaction, I really appreciate your references to fellow artists on the blog, even unintentionally at times, such as drawing them in your sketchbook. I find it helpful for me to discover more talented people dedicated to graphic literature and start paying attention to their works as well.

  23. izas Says:

    happy new year!


  24. Jordan Says:

    What Jenny said! My friend is taking a Graphic Novel as Literature course in university this year and you’re on the reading list, right along with modern classics like Asterios Polyp, Black Hole, and the good ol’ fashioned Watchmen. Habibi will be on next years reading list, I’m sure. Keep it up, Craig. You’re an inspiration to aspiring illustrators.

  25. Zoli Says:

    Hey Craig,

    This is simply awesome. Wow!
    I’m also trying to make comics and attached the site where I put them. I guess you won’t get around to look at em but that’s alright :)

    Have a great 2010 and keep up the great work!

  26. Nathan Lo Says:


    I’ve been waiting for two years to use a chapters gift card just for Haibibi.

  27. Rachael Says:

    Happy New Year!

    I never would have thought you had trouble with drawing buildings; I was very impressed with your renderings of architecture in Carnet de Voyage in particular.

    So excited to hear 2010 is going to be the year of Habibi!

  28. isobel Says:

    Happy New Year
    i think all your drawings are amazing ; my brother is also making comics and admires all the work you do.

    Good luck on all the work you do

  29. jess smart smiley Says:

    Hey Craig,

    I’ve spent the last hour just looking through your blog posts. Actually, I only looked at a few, but kept finding more and more to see in each picture you’ve posted.

    They are absolutely beautiful! Habibi’s pages are of such high quality and it’s obvious that you’ve put so much time and effort into each page—this book is going to have a HUGE pay off! There’s no way it won’t.

    Anyway, I’m really impressed, and hope I can make something as important as what you’ve done someday.

    jess smart smiley

  30. jess smart smiley Says:

    Oh! Sorry for asking so early, but I’m so curious…are you going to be selling any of the original Habibi pages?

  31. W Says:

    Salam Craig
    happy new year, I can’t wait to read (Habibi), I wonder what’s it about :-)
    I’m a big fan of yours, and I would like to congratulate you on the perfect drawings.
    what grabbed my attention in your graphic novel is the beautiful arabic calligraphy, It’s better than my handwriting in arabic 😀 (considering this is my mother language)
    keep up the good work habibi

  32. Morgana Says:

    Oi Craig,
    I see you made a lot of fans here in Brazil last year. Blankets is a great graphic novel. I loved it. So, I’m just waiting to see your next work.

    Oh, and your blog is pretty nice. It’s great to see all these photos showing your sketches and thumbnails.

  33. Sam Says:

    That perspective looks great! I have always ben impressed by how well you get along without a whole lot of technical perspective stuff, but it’s great to see you whip it out on occasion. As with everyone here, I obviously can’t wait to see the finished product.

  34. Sara Says:

    Well, Craig, just wanted to say, that this song (the one I posted above) really reminds me of Blankets, I dunno why, maybe it’s because of the letters in video or the fact that the girl looks kinda like Raina (kinda like the way you drew Raina), but it’s more the music itself that reminds me of Blankets. Just thought that I should say this here 😀

  35. Kim Says:

    Hi Craig, I am a music teacher and just finished reading Blankets. Your story was life changing for me. I know Mr. Hancock, (He was my daughters teacher) and we had a wonderful conversation regarding Blankets. My eldest daughter turned me on to your novel, and I would love for the opportunity to talk with you. Would it be possible for you to email me? Thank You!!!

  36. Beck Bowe Says:

    Hello. Obviously I love Blankets and I chose to do Masters in Contemporary Literature so I could write about graphic novels! I have chosen to write some kind of mediation on Blankets and Fun Home for my Sexuality and Creative writing module. I am not sure what my title might be yet but it is annoying me that there is so much material on Fun Home (essays, journals, general criticism) and I cannot find much on you as a writer/ cartoonist or on Blankets. Do you know of anything written about you I could use or do you give me any quotes to do with the making of blankets or your views on the graphic novel medium? Thanks

  37. Evan Says:

    That looks *extraordinarily* refreshing.

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