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  1. Each new bit of artwork you post makes me more and more excited for Habibi. Your sketches are exquisite. I can’t wait for the book.

  2. If it wasn’t for the beautiful Blankets I wouldn’t be able to be SO patient for the arrival of Habibi!

    Just spent winter in Wisconsin. Beautiful. Thank you for making me aware of it.


  3. I had to read Carnet de Voyage in my college composition class. I didn’t understand why we were reading a graphic novel at the time, but i fell in love with it anyway. I enjoyed discussing it in class. I purchased Blankets after the semester ended, and completely adore it. I’m very excited for your next book. Thank you for being amazing and inspiring!!!

  4. Just curious- do you ever think of coloring your graphic novels? I love coming here and seeing your work, and I really like the colors you use especially. Either way, keep up the great work, I’m a big fan.

  5. You know what? The was a time when I dropped comic books (because to me that’s what they are, “graphic novel” seems to me like a term created to dignify a medium that never need to) totally, I was absolutely into beat generation books, wich is the least relatable thing to your work that I can now imagine. And then, one day, I can’t remember how, “Goodbye Chunky-Rice” came to my hands, it reflected a very personal experience with seer fidelity, I even tattooed a panel in my arm (that you’ve already posted in this blog, a thing that pleased me, as I never though this kind of feedback was possible), so then I looked out for more of your works, and as much as I loved “Blankets” (wich was a lot, mind you) I always found myself going back to Chunky’s story (in a way that everybody who knows me well has a copy nowadays), then, while living abroad, you published “Carnet de Voyage”, and of course I fell for it (huge was my surprise when I saw your depiction of my loved Barcelona), but, as you pointed in your intro, that wasn’t your next book, “Habibi” is, and that’s when my doubts came; “will it be like his first masterpiece or like the second?” Which was my way of asking myself if I would relate the same way to your truly “next book”. I’ve been wondering it since this question, and today I happened to learn the meaning to “Habibi” in my language, it means “Cariño”, which is a very powerful word, as it is full of interpretations, all of them very poetic, so I can’t hold any doubt about it now, I can only wait until I see it printed, knowing that I will not be dissapointed. As an artist myself, I can only hope to mean this much to somebody in the future, thanks a lot for your inspiring work Craig, I really wish there was a way we could see artists like you more often.

  6. Today I went to Barnes and re-read Blanket, just for the pleasure of the eyes and mind. And of course, each post of Habibi cultivates my desire to have it between my hands and discover this years of patient work on paper!

  7. I just finished to read Blankets for the Nth time, this time in French. I love to re-read it from time to time because, as I am learning to draw, I become every time more aware of the incredible care you put in the details of your pictures and how skillful you are in what you call your calligraphic style. So, for maybe the Nth time, thank you for such a great work of art that keeps on growing more and more beautiful in my hands.

  8. I enjoying seeing your work in progresses 🙂 By the way, I just watched Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit. I was happy to see a few interviews of you in it! Just saying thanks that you went along with it.

  9. I actually like to see the work in progress. As an illustrator and publisher I enjoy watching the process. Great stuff by the way. I like the flow of the lines in the sketches. There is an immediacy to sketching that never gets old.

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