Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest is fast approaching, and I’ll be participating on Sunday, April 25th, with a signing and presentation.
For those of you who are local or able to attend, I’m curious what topics, images, and formats you’re craving. It seems like the last three years
I’ve just talked about progress on HABIBI — at least this time it’s only a couple of months from completion. What can I do to make this round
more fulfilling for the audience? … My apologies to all of you that aren’t local. In 2011, I promise to be touring EVERYWHERE!

The poster this year is created by my good buddy Theo Ellsworth. (couldn’t find a decent jpeg…)

In other news, Mathew sent a question about the Atlantic Center for the Arts residency. Send in as many ideas/proposals as you wish!
However, since I can only choose eight “Associate artists”, the more realized the proposal the better.

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  1. Suh-weet! I’m hoping to make it out to the festival. I’ve never been and I’m in Utah, but I’m planning on going with some friends. Anyway…

    It’d be great to hear you talk about comics you’re liking right now. What you’re reading and what stands out to you. What makes comics worthwhile…

  2. As you will be touring everywhere… don’t forget Reunion Island: there is a festival in december every two years: sun, sea, volcano und lots of people waiting for you! I just love your work!

  3. Hey Craig! I’ll be there! And re: What you might consider discussing, I think this bit from your residency statement would be fascinating to hear you talk about:

    “The two biggest challenges in graphic novel-making are the lack of editorial feedback (from a literary industry inexperienced with graphics or a comics industry conditioned to serialization), and the hermetic isolation required to commit to such a project.”

  4. Hi,
    I’m a french reader currently reading Blanket… lately… sorry about that !
    I was looking for interviews of you about this graphic novel, any link to advise me ?
    Thank you very much in advance,


  5. Hi, Craig! I’m a brazilian reader and I was wordering if you guys have plans to publish HABIBI/Carnet de Voyage/Chunky Rice in portuguese. It’s a shame we can only find Blankets in our stores.

  6. And let me just say: you work/life has been a huge inspiration! I’m struggling to work with something I love, and it’s great to see such a beautiful work being appreciated by so many people! Congratulations! Kisses and good luck!

  7. I enjoyed your talk at the last Stumptown immensely. I think artists can underestimate how fascinating a look at their process can be. More of the same would be great, frankly.

  8. This is random and not related to the festival that I’m unable to attend 🙂 I hope, with the release of HABIBI, you’ll be seen in editorials (e.g. cool magazines such as Paste and Nylon). I’ve seen Paul Pope in Nylon. You’re just as young and charming. I wonder if editorial coverage like this would help grow the graphic novel following and awareness. I hope so, and perhaps editorial feedback from the literary industry will follow. I don’t know … what book critics are reading these days? Tell-alls, self-help and fake memoirs?

  9. This is also completely unrelated, but I wanted to say that I just purchased the French version of Blankets. I’m trying to learn the language and thought that the best way to practice would be to read my favorite comics in French! Blankets was the first one I bought and I’m very excited.
    ALSO, I have a question kind of similar to Matthew’s:
    I have a collection of interrelated short comics that I would like to submit. They all go together, but don’t necessarily create any kind of linear narrative progression. Do you want a singular narrative, or would a collection of the same length be okay?
    I have other options, but that project is what I’m most excited about, so I’m hoping that it will work.
    Hope you’re doing well!

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