pieces of april

a) spring blossoms … b) my only collection … c) close-up on page … d) inspiration

Thanks, all of you, for the flood of chapter seven support. The ninth and final chapter is underway! I skipped over the penultimate chapter for
now – the logic of which will reveal itself. This weekend in Portland will be buzzing with Stumptown Comics Fest activity. Paul Pope‘s arrived.
(Check out his great interview at Ain’t It Cool.) And my panel (Sunday at 1PM) will be moderated by the amazing Lark Pien of Long Tail Kitty fame.

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  1. On a note, shark collections are awesome and I’m seriously excited to read Habibi! Keep up the great work!

    Are you only going to conventions that are close to Seattle until you complete Habibi?

  2. Good news all around! I love that you continue to express excitement about your work even as you describe the what I can only imagine must be an arduous process. May the increased sunshine, warmth, and light add inspiration and speed to your work. I can’t wait for Habibi!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. fuck yeah sharks?
    those blossoms are beautiful! its so awesome that this is so close to finally being done! i cant wait.

  4. Hey I have one question.. It’s about Blankets. I recently re-read them and I wonder, was Raina writing poems or songs? Because my language only has one word for both, so I just wonder ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Sara, in my language (portuguese) those were poems! We have both words: “poemas” and “mรบsicas”, so there you go!

    Craig, it’s great to hear from you. Ok, read! Anyway, good luck!

  6. Craig-
    I got to catch your talk at SCF yesterday, and had a question about Edmond Baudoin. His work seems to be pretty hard to come by in the states; Multnomah County Library certainly doesn’t carry it. So I was wondering: if you could choose one book, either a favorite or one you’d consider a particularly good introduction to his work, which would it be?

  7. I just wanted to say (since I was too shy to at Stumptown) that your work is really inspiring and beautiful. I am continuously amazed at the depth of emotion you portray.

    I’m really looking forward to future books!

  8. SCAD Student in Chris Schweizer’s Survey class and one who admires your work seeking answers to these 5 questions if you have the time:
    1) Artist that inspired you?
    2) What brush size do you use?
    3) Thumbnails and then script to help guide you or script first and then thumbs?
    4) Favorite story to read?
    5) Favorite character to draw?

  9. Hey Craig-
    Earlier in the year, my twin sister, who is a student at Lewis and Clark, asked some one on the street to recommend a good sushi place and after they left, she realized they looked a lot like you. It’d be pretty rad if it turned out to be you! She’s a huge fan- her copies of Blankets, Carnet De Voyage and Good-bye, Chunky Rice are the few of her many, MANY books that she refuses to part with ( I know this well, we fought over them when we went off to college this year). We’re both eagerly awaiting Habibi! From what you’ve posted, it looks like it’s going to be your most stunning and ornate work yet! Keep up the fantastic work! Exclamation points!!

  10. Hi Craig,

    It’s Justin from long runs during college. I have a question for you. Could you send me an email?

  11. greetings —

    First off, praise for _Blankets._ I just finished it. Graphic novels usually don’t make me cry, but this one did. Several times, in fact, perhaps because of the parallels between our lives: the Christian upbringing (and eventual rejection of same), the clear remembrance of feelings, the progression of first loves, etc.

    Thank you for such a stunning book.

    I would like to know if you’re willing to discuss working together. I have a story I’d like to tell, and have tried drawing a few panels of it. Thing is, though, it doesn’t feel quite right to me. I think we can make it an interesting story; I’d like it to touch on religion transitioning to spirituality, maturation, confusion, loss, joy, etc etc etc.

    I would love to talk with you about this project. If you’re interested, please email me at anamacha@gmail.com . Even if you’re not, please email me anyway, just so I can know one way or the other.

    Thanks mate.

  12. Don’t know if you read any of these comments… I’m not an artist but your work has inspired me to start writing again. I feel a strange kinship because of similar upbringing (cold weather+Christian fundamentalism) and close age (by a week in fact). Definitely jealous of the worldly experience and success. Can’t wait for the next one…

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