celebratory cigar

The last page of HABIBI was completed today. It’s a bit anticlimactic, because though chapter nine is wrapped up, I still need to tackle chapter eight.
Theo Ellsworth was over drawing with me, and we listened to the touching tribute to comics-great Harvey Pekar on Fresh Air.
All this is happening in the midst of almost three weeks of out-of-town guests in the house, including Laëtitia and Frédéric
and their kids (as seen in CARNET DE VOYAGE) visiting from Lyon, France. Above, Dan Attoe and the glorious river.

19 thoughts on “celebratory cigar

  1. Nice one Craig. 🙂 Can’t wait for Habibi, will be spectacular like the rest of your beautiful work. Good luck with chapter eight.

    P.S. Will Habibi be available in the Uk as soon as it is released? I sure hope so. 🙂

  2. Congratulations ! I too can’t wait for the release.. I love graphic novels, reading them, drawing them, and Blankets is my all time favourite. 🙂
    and I’m jealous of Laetitia and Frédéric ! I am from Lyon too, and i think they’re very lucky to know you mister. Hehe with a bit of luck you’ll come back around one day for signings 🙂

  3. Anticlimactic?! This is still a big deal! Now all you have to do is go back in there and patch it all together. Chapter eight doesn’t stand a chance! Good luck with the home stretch Craig, finish it off!

  4. Hurrah for the completion of chapter nine! I look forward to it. Will Habibi be in volumes or one mighty tome?

    I recently read Pekar’s “Quitter” and was intrigued by him even more. Sorry for his passing.

  5. D8 Same, Mr. Thompson, smoking! -wags finger at- But yay for HABIBI! I’m looking forward to reading it. ^^ Come for a tour in South Carolina some time, won’t you? o.o

  6. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read Habibi though following your progress has been just as much a treat. Just wanted to thank you for putting up sketches and thumbnails of your work. Seeing them, and not just the incredible finished pages, makes the process much less intimidating as I try to work on my own project. Please post more!

  7. HOORAY!!!! I have been waiting to read another one of your works. Nothing had hit me as hard (in a beautiful and positive way) as BLANKETS. I seriously cannot wait for HABIBI to arrive in stores. Give yourself a pat on your back, you deserve it! Again, I really can’t wait to read your newest work! =)

  8. NO.

    This is great news, even if Chapter 8 is yet to come! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about an upcoming book before and I’m just wishing you the best. Is July usually Out-Of-Town Guests month?

  9. I just got the chance to sit down and draw with Theo Ellsworth as well recently, which was an inspiration. Could only imagine the two of you together would make for a – KMF

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