SPECIAL NOTE: By now, the Atlantic Center for the Arts has notified applicants of my Associate Artist selections for the October residency.
I just wanted to thank everyone who submitted proposals. There was so much amazing work that it made the selection process challenging
and frustrating, but also bodes well for the future of the comics medium! Keep working on those projects!
Below, piles of preparatory sketches for HABIBI pages.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity. Hopefully we’ll see some entries on here about your adventures in October.

  2. Im so excited for your novel, I’d love to see some more original sketches and construction drawings. You’re work is a huge inspiration.

  3. Hi!
    I couldn’t figure out a different way to contact you, so I hope that you check these comments 🙂
    Long story short –
    A few years ago my boyfriend moved to Switzerland with his parents for an indefinite period of time. We stayed together and did little things to be sweet to each other. One of those is that my boyfriend bought me a copy of Blankets (one of my favorite graphic novels which due to an unfortunate book loan I didn’t own a copy of). The book was truly special because not only was it a story I love, but he had gone through and written in the margins little love notes. Where the story reminded him of us, he would say so or tell little anecdotes about us. Each time we saw each other, over a period of what wound up being a little over a year, we would give the book to the other person who would add new comments. It really helped us through the difficulties of a long term relationship.
    So that’s the long story, here’s the request. We’re getting married in a few months and I’m putting together a surprise book of memorabilia for him as a wedding gift. Because your drawings have meant so much to our relationship I thought it would be amazing if I could commission something for the cover. If that’s impossible then just permission to re-print one of your drawings from Blankets on the cover would work too. I hope this message reaches you, and thank you for your beautiful work. We can’t wait for Habibi!

  4. I am living in Portland, Oregon for a few weeks and was wondering if you have any Portland appearances before mid-August? Would love to get my copy of Blankets signed. You are truly gifted and your work is amazing.

  5. Hi, I mentioned in an earlier comment about how I’d love to get a tattoo of Chunky and Dandel, but there aren’t any clear pictures of the two together in the book, without either an object in the way, or in their hands, which distracts from them. Could you please please post a picture on here or email it to me (if you’ve drawn one at some point or another) of the two of them together without anything else.
    I’d love it if you could reply soon, as I’ll have an opportunity to get a tattoo soon. I understand however just how busy you must be.
    Hope you do a signing in Ireland some day! (:

  6. Hi Craig, some un-ashamed fan mail here. I love your work and can’t wait for HABIBI to be published over in sunny Sheffield (UK). Any plans to visit these shores soon?

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