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HABIBI is finished, but this blog isn’t. Thank you, readers, for your outpouring of support (eclipsing the hundred comment mark!) and for your
big patience during the seven week hiatus. I spent three weeks in Florida for the Atlantic Center for the Arts graphic novel residency,
accompanied by Master Artists Paul Pope (left) and Svetlana Chmakova (center) and an incredibly talented group of 25 Associate Artists.
Also pictured, a snippet of my travel diary (playtime with dolphins) and the beach in New Smyrna. The trip was bookended by visits to NYC
to meet with my publisher Pantheon Books and map out the production and release of HABIBI. Within a month, I should be able to reveal
the exact release date. In the meantime, I’ll conjure some goodies for the blog without too many spoilers. What do YOU wanna see?

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  1. i want to see a list of your dates/cities for the promotional tour for habibi. i would love to meet you, and get you to autograph “carnet de voyage”, a book i look at frequently, and at which i marvel. please come to philly!! thanks!

  2. hi craig,

    Waiting to know when Habibi is out… and hope to see some of the covers you tried out before choosing the one u’ve finalized on.

  3. You should draw some basic pictures of incredibly strange creatures, the weirder the better. One a week, everyone judge which is the best, giving each a score out of ten. 🙂

    Would be awesome!!!

  4. Amazing. Do you write/draw in your journal every day? I love how you’ve drawn on the photo and I’m insanely jealous of all your aquatic adventures!

    I’m with everyone else, as far as hoping to see more sketches, thought processes, book cover options…it’ll be great to get a release date!

    It could be fun to see some more of the page borders you’ve mentioned or hear more about your work schedule.

    Congratulations on finishing! It’s inspiring to know that, somewhere, there is a completed copy of Habibi, just waiting to be printed and shared 🙂

  5. w00tz! So excited for the book to come out! Just recently got a Blankets inspired tattoo, I’ll send a link when I get a good photo of it.

    I’d love to see the page you struggled most with and/or found most surprising.

  6. Hurray! I’d also love to see more from your travel journal, do you think you’ll do another Carnet from the next promotional tour? Really hope you come to England (Page 45 in Nottingham would love to have you 🙂

  7. Hi Buddy,
    Before saying something, I want to thank you for gifting us with incredible HQ “Blankets.” One of the best comic I ever read in my life. Seriously.
    And I wanted to show you the review I did on their HQ is on my blog and is in 3D stereoscopic.

    I would be honored with a your visit on my blog.


  8. To quote Hootie and the Blowfish, “The Dolphins Make Me Cry”. Looking forward to the announcement of Habibi’s release! Keep continuing to reveal your truth and I will continue to be a happy fan!


  9. I would love to see anything you’re willing to share but maybe your least favorite page(s) that were maybe difficult to draw or that perhaps took a long time to work out how you wanted them to be arranged and/or your favorite page(s).

  10. I’d like to see covers, character designs, and more sketches of random stuff. Please come to South Carolina. Congrats on the book!

  11. Would look to have a peek of that page of Habibi that you labored on the most, that came to you NOT with ease, that really gave you a sleepless night. 🙂

  12. Good morning!

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long time now, ever since a friend once gave me Blankets. It’s an honor to read insights into your creative process and I love reading about it. I owe you a library of unbelievable discoveries; your Conversations led me to James Kochalka and your blog to Edmond Baudoin, for which I am eternally grateful. Then many others followed, Jordan Crane, Michel Rabagliati, Jeff Lemire, Chris Ware, Guy Delisle, Jeffrey Brown, Marjane Satrapi, Matt Kindt … you would love Judith Vanistendael from my home country who draws and writes about a love found and lost, and how your memory redraws it. Ever since Blankets and especially Chunky Rice – which my two year old girl loves as well ? – I’ve been waiting for Habibi, I really love it that’s finished, congrats! It’s already looking beautiful.
    I don’t think our tiny nation will be on the book tour? So I have a rather ‘invasive’ question; is there any chance I might ask you for a drawing? I know it’s asking a lot, but this would really mean the world to me. I’m hoping I can travel to whatever country will be on the book tour close to home, but thank you for even considering it ?
    – from Belgium

  13. I don’t want to see anything from Habibi until it comes out!

    What I would like to see is an account of how you felt/thought/feared/rejoiced as you went through the process of giving birth to Habibi. I want to see a “Making Of” comic.

  14. Craig, personally I’d love to see some of your earliest scribbles – ideas just beginng to form – eyes, swirls, profiles, pieces of scenery, something purely anticipatory! I love your final work, but the preliminary thumbnails seem to be more alive and transient somehow? I can’t FREAKIN’ wait!! 🙂

  15. Oh yeah, bring it on!!! I’ve been patiently waiting this release for a long time and I believe it will be worth it. I think it would be great to do a video documentary or something too. Nothing to long, but insightful and focused on the production process.

  16. Sketches, rejected ideas, maybe a video example of how you came to the style used in HABIBI. I’d definately like some videos of you just going through the process of sketch, ink, typing, because I wonder what materials you use for each piece and whatnot. I did a project on Blankets, and could only guess. I think that Raina came out pretty well, regardless.

    Ever searched yourself/Blankets on YouTube/DeviantART? You’re more popular than you’d believe. :p

  17. Hi Craig, don’t know if you read these but… worth a try.
    I bought Blankets a few years ago and my boyfriend and I both loved it. Then he moved to Switzerland for an indefinite period and we would send our copy of Blankets back and forth with love notes written in the margins. He moved back, and we’re getting married this month and I was wondering if there’s anywhere I could purchase a print or doodle of yours to give to him as a wedding present. If not, thanks anyway, I can’t wait to read Habibi!

  18. hey man, blankets really hit me. It’s good work. My favorite graphic novel.

    I got a question though, in Blankets you decide not to smoke weed at camp. How do you feel about marihuana now? Are you not into the ganj? It doesn’t bother me or deter me from reading your books, but i can’t help but think that some of your drawing are a little phychedelic… in a good way, man.

  19. Hi Craig! I’ve been wondering if you are going to be doing another tour and whether you might decide to come to England again at some point and if you could let me know some dates. Can’t wait for the release of Habibi! Peace and love

  20. Hi Craig!! I was wondering when your doing some more tour dates and if you would be visiting England at some point. I cant’ wait for Habibi, also I agree with a previous comment that you should post some videos to show your technique. Thank you for your beautiful art. Peace and love

  21. Hi Craig! I am from Brazil. Congratulations man…your HQ Blankets is amazing… some moments it seemed that the story about me … I identified a lot with this book.
    Continue with your work, and. Success

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