happy new year

Happy New Year, Blog-Friends! Though the HABIBI release date was promised more than a month ago, now it’s safe to say that PANTHEON will
announce it some time THIS January. Also, if I can get to it soon, TOP SHELF will publish new editions of BLANKETS (hardcover & softcover) in 2011.
And there’s at least two future books that I’m itching to start work on once everything is officially off to press with HABIBI.
Thank you all for your support in 2010. Hope you’re well in the new year. More soon!

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  1. LOL Anxious is right—you can’t just drop something like that without any details 😛

    Will there be any changes to the new editions of BLANKETS? Any behind-the-scenes process stuff, like what you’ve posted for HABIBI?

    I can’t wait to get a hardcover edition and hear about HABIBI’S release date!

    Happy new year 🙂

  2. Even though I don’t know you Craig, you mean a lot to me and your work means a lot to me. Was reflecting on this idea I’ve been tossing around about “people who’re doing what they’re *supposed* to be doing,” and I thought of you. You make me wanna Do Better.

    Sending good vibes and love to you and your family in 2011…


  3. So excited both to get a copy of Habibi in my hot little hand, and to see your posts about the new book ideas. Can’t wait to see what you’ll develop next!

  4. Happy 2011 to you, Craig! I’m sure we’ll be seeing you somewhere this year 🙂 It is exciting news that you’re all ready to start the next phase of your continued growth with the new projects — more power to you!

  5. Happy New Year Craig!

    Your friend Thi Bui says Habibi will be released in September according to her blog, which I read on your last update.

    Is she really correct Craig? Since you didn’t mention a date now, even after I posted it, I hope she was wrong.

  6. 1. Yay Habibi!
    2. Yay new projects for a new year!
    3. Yay waves and dunes and all lovely flowing things!
    4. Yay my return to the PNW in March (and the surf trips that implies)!

  7. Hi. Pantheon has September 20th as release date on their web. That true? Is it gonna be paperback or hardcover?
    Thanks, take care.

  8. Yeah , I also see the release date of Habibi on the Pantheon grahic novels site as September 20th, in hardcorver for $29.95.

    Why would it take a whole year to release the book after finishing it?

  9. Happy New Year Craig! Habibi, Habibi, Habibi! So excited!

    Best of luck to you and your upcoming creative projects, looking forward to seeing what you’ve got coming!

  10. Wow, new books already, so exciting! I’m currently doing an intrepid tour around Morocco, and my guide was calling us all “habibi” for a couple days before I asked; “good friend”, a fitting title for a book if I ever heard one! (yet of course I claim this before reading a thing…)
    Looking forward to the release Mr Thompson, and happy new year everyone!

  11. Hello Craig,

    I recently received the Xeric grant to print my book, Lotus Root Children and I was wondering if I could send you a copy of it. Blankets has been an influence in my own work so I’d like to share my little book with you.

    Wei Li

  12. The image of a “trashed sea” reminds me of the famous Pogo Possum cartoon from the first Earth Day with the words of wisdom “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Thanks for using the medium for some awareness. I lived within a few miles of the Okefenokee swamp for many years (and had a comic store in Waycross) and it is still mostly pristine. Maybe you can put together a good Earth Day image for 2011. Take care!

  13. Happy new year Craig! Hope your year will be amazing, but I’m sure it will be. 🙂 I cannot waiiiit to buy Habibi, I will most likely buy it in English (since I live in London) but I hope it will be published in my native language (Dutch) soon as well! 🙂 I don’t have anything else original to say, so I’ll stop typing, hehe. 🙂 Take care, Groetjes

  14. omg! i can’t wait! hope we get copies here in the Philippines! so excited to read it 🙂 looking forward to read your other upcoming stuff! 🙂

  15. How did you moved on? From your relation with Raina? I’m found your book today, I’m going to buy it from amazon uk, can wait to see the complete story, but I was curious to know what happened whit you and Raina.
    Sorry if I’m intruding :/

  16. Hello Craig,
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!
    I am worried about your hands getting tired signing so many books in the near future. Take care,

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