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Like every cartoonist, I often reproduce paintings in my sketchbooks, trying to wrap my head around how another artist composes an image
or lays down a line. Here are some samples — from Viktor E. Popkov’s JULY, and an uncredited illustration for the SHÉHÉREZADE ballet.

Many of you asked about the upcoming HABIBI tour, and it’s safe to say I’ll be making it to many of the countries you mention —
appearances in France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, London, Germany are already being mapped out. Nieva asked about the Philippines,
and Ada brought up Poland — both of which I’d love to include, but am unsure of yet. Definitely I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con
for at least Friday and Saturday (July 22nd & 23rd) — not with the book, but other treats.
If you have a book or comics store in the States, it’s worth getting in touch with my publisher Pantheon. More soon!

35 thoughts on “ripoffs & inspiration

  1. How about a stop in Columbus Ohio to see the cartooning library? Also, any chance you might be at Comic Con on Thursday? We couldn’t get tickets for Friday in the wonderful new ticketing system.

  2. Very nice work Craig! I haven’t tried to reproduce paintings in my sketchbook like you say every cartoonist does, so I’ll give it a shot.

    You seem to have more international fans than American ones!

    I can’t wait for your next post. And I plan to have some fanart of your work soon so please check it out! 🙂

  3. Good to hear you’ll come to Spain again. I was at the presentation of “Blankets” in Bilbao and I remember it as a very good thing. Hope to see you soon and wishing to read more of your stuff too.

  4. Seoul would be amazing. Have been teaching here for the last few years. Blakets and Carnet were the only books I packed when I came over. They’ve been great friends.

  5. I see your post to contact Pantheon for possible appearances. While waiting for the mail, any clue about how October looks for you? We’d love to have you at our conference.

  6. *** THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!*** for including Belgium in the book tour!!
    This is TRULY GREAT!
    Can’t wait to undergo the full and rich experience of Habibi 🙂

  7. My heart jumped and crashed all in the same sentence! i’ll be at comic-con on Thursday (friday tickets were sold). I cannot believe I’m going to miss you. Fingers crossed you’ll pass by L.A. when Habibi is out!

  8. probably not as exciting as France, Belgium etc. but I didn’t get to see you last time you came around Portland(very upsetting). Or if you went to the Emerald city comicon in Seattle, that would be lovely! I love your work and you have inspired me as an aspiring artist. thanks. ps. I’m very excited about Habibi!

  9. Craig,
    I read Carnet de Voyage today. Loved it – the drawings are beautiful and it made me feel melancholy in a good way. The scene where you describe lying in the grass with your lover is so nice (but more-so sad.) Upon reaching the end, I noticed that the artist friend who you took a road trip with seemed a lot like my dad. Jesus loving. Hates driving. Chicago. “Joe.” Turns out it IS. Small world. Just thought you should know.

    Maria Chiappetta

  10. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I read Blankets for a teen lit class and fell in love with it. Question, is there anywhere that I can buy prints or posters of Craig’s work?

  11. Hey Craig!

    Myself and a friend are about to embark on an exciting new venture- we’re going to be opening an art gallery in good old Liverpool, England and wanted to christen it after one of your novels, with your approval. How would you feel about it?

  12. Just to let you know that ‘Blankets’ starred in tonight’s episode of teen drama ‘Skins’ (a guilty pleasure of mine) here in the UK. It was only on screen for about 2 seconds, but I’d recognise your amazing illustrations anywhere. It was being read by one the angsty bad girl heroines, whilst she aggressively smoked a spliff in some industrial docklands area (cutting edge) and pondered whether her boyfriend was in love with someone else. If only they’d shown the cover, all the cool kids (ahem) would be buying it tomorrow ;-).

  13. wooo! cant wait for habibi…did i ever mention that you’re my favorite author? =D so pleassse, come to the philippines! that would be a once-in-a-lifetime moment for me. haha

  14. I know you have connections to Traverse City. Any chance you’ll be at Horizon Books? I’m currently studying illustration at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids and you certainly played a part in me taking that direction. I would love to talk to you.

  15. Well, how about the lands that graced the pages of the book you’re promoting? If you’re ever interested in visiting Cairo, I could refer you to places that would love to promote your work.

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