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march madness March 11th, 2011

Happy Friday, Blog-friends! Another month has slipped away since posting. A few of you asked if I’d attend ComicCon on Thursday,
and the answer is YES. Top Shelf will be debuting new editions of BLANKETS (hardcover & softcover) to match the dimensions of HABIBI.

Sechan asked about posters and prints, and though none currently exist, I promise to have some by tour time. The past few weeks have
been crazy busy with promo materials and foreign translations and tour mapping, and many of the destinations you’ve asked about — Spain,
Brazil, Toronto — are on the list. (Colombia… who knows?) Finally, some folks recognized my brief, but crazed cameo as the ringside announcer
in Menomena‘s new TAOS video. It’s directed by Alicia J. Rose who also snapped some promo photos of me, including this one in Astoria, Oregon.

That last sketch is a sneak peek of a contribution for Giant-Sized MADMAN. Thanks to you all for staying in touch!

29 Responses to “march madness”

  1. Jaybird Says:

    Always good to know what’s up with you! Looking forward to reading Habibi! Just a half-year away.

    Any new seeds of ideas sprouting this spring?

  2. David D. Says:

    Nice photos. I look forward to your ideas for your next graphic novel after Habibi.

  3. Rowan Says:

    I was watching an english tv series called ‘Skins’
    I screamed with joy when i saw one of the characters reading Blankets!
    It was especially fitting to the story…
    here is the synopsis
    the episode is number 7, called ‘Grace’ showed march 10 2011

  4. Jeanne Says:

    Magnifique … !

  5. James Says:

    I was just about to comment the same as Rowan – it was really cool to see Liv reading Blankets in Skins!

    James (from the UK)

    P.S. Can’t wait to buy Habibi!

  6. Sean Says:

    what will be the dimensions of the new editions of Blankets then? bigger or smaller than the old one?

  7. Sean Says:

    by the way, that’s a beautiful coat you’re wearing in that photo!

  8. Norman Says:

    Hi Craig
    Knowing your (and mine) background I would think taking a photo near a ‘swill’ bucket with His name on rather a dangerous act :-)
    Thanks for your great work!

  9. Carolina Says:

    You should come to Sweden! Great photo of you and I adore your coat!

  10. jess smart smiley Says:

    Great to hear from you! Guess I’ll have to get yet another copy of Blankets to go with Habibi’s release—just the excuse I’ve been looking for 😛

    Madman is so great. Could this be his appearance as the Vitruvian Man?

    Alicia’s photos are beautiful, by the way. A great companion to your work.

  11. whatahootowl Says:

    I have been a fan since I read Blankets last summer. I’ve read it so many times since then I have lost count. Your art style is inspirational and just want you to know that I can relate to your religious background (as if it was a mirror to mine actually). So that’s why I love Blankets so much. Please keep up the good work.

  12. aggy Says:

    Please consider taking a small detour down to sydney too 😀

  13. Jordi Says:

    i hope you visit Barcelona in your Spanish tour!

  14. sechan Says:

    Yay! Thanks for the info about the posters! I have a big blank wall in my dining room that I would love to have some of your work on!

  15. ptrk Says:

    Hi there! Will you visit Warsaw Comic Con in april?

  16. laura Says:

    Ooh can’t wait for the tour and the chance to buy prints would be amazing, we have lots of walls to fill!

  17. FED Says:

    come to malaysia so you can sign my book!!

  18. baptiste Says:

    Hi Craig

    I didnt find an other way to send you this, but i was watching a english tv show called Skins and what a surprise when i saw this :

    I think the director got good taste :)

  19. German Torres Says:

    I enjoy a lot with your work!

  20. Ivy Says:

    Hey Craig,

    I think your novels and sketches and even doodles are beautiful and always so powerfully substantial.

    I looked for how to contact Pantheon but couldn’t find it- please consider coming to Comic Book Jones in little Staten Island for your Habibi tour!

    Either way, I’m eagerly looking forward to when the book drops! C:

  21. Anant Says:

    Great news! Looking forward to both the book and the tour.

  22. Juliette Says:

    I will buy the hardcover version as soon as it’s available in London :) as I currently don’t own a copy of Blankets anymore because I gave it away (I thought I’ll buy a new one anyway) but now I will get this hardcover, I was already a bit envious of the beautiful German edition! :)

    Will you be coming to London for your tour this year?
    I hope you will attend de Stripdagen Haarlem, Netherlands.( again next year. haha :)

  23. Juliette Says:

    ps. I have recently started using Twitter a bit, though I’m not convinced. Have you seen how much is being tweeted about Blankets? :)

  24. Joss Says:

    Blankets was the first graphic novel I ever read and I absolutely loved it. Just bought your travel journal and it looks great! Looking forward to a Toronto stop on your tour.

  25. Krystle Says:

    I’m currently studying in San Diego for a year on exchange from France and I’m SOO sad that I won’t be here for the Comic Con then! Please say you will come to Comic Con Paris?

  26. Alex Says:

    Can’t wait for both Habibi and the Hard Cover of Blankets. My copy has become worn out after about 25-30 readings.

  27. Chris Says:

    Hi Craig,

    I am a senior majoring in religion at High Point University in High Point, NC. For my senior seminar (a class in which I must write a significant research paper and present it) I have chosen to explore the relationship between sexuality and spirituality as it is portrayed in Blankets. So far studying this topic and digging deeper into Blankets has proven to be extremely intriguing. I have hit a bit of a snag though. I have no idea what to call the little icon that frequently appears in the book (it is on the the book’s spine, the very last page before the back cover, etc.) and I have been scouring the internet looking for a name that you might have given it, but I haven’t found anything. Do you have a specific name for this icon? There are many more questions I would love to ask you if you would be interested in it, but if nothing else knowing the name of this important icon would be incredibly helpful.

    Thanks so much,

  28. Jonas Santos Says:

    AAA wonderfull!! a hugh from Brazil!!

  29. Laura Says:

    Oh gosh!! Pleaaaase come to Colombia! 😀

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