easy cheese

Quick heads-up to locals that I’m appearing at a Portland comics show this Saturday, May 14th. Wondernorthwest @ Crowne Plaza Hotel,
1441 NE 2nd Ave. At 3 o’clock, I’ll give a talk, signing at 4, and then a discussion panel titled CUTTING THE CHEESE with long-time Wisconsin
pals Kurt Halsey and Tim Seeley. Excited to discuss beer-cheese soup, protesting Imperial Walker, and the Packers!

Also, while I’m at it: here’s a glimpse at confirmed tour dates. More to follow, including the Eurotour!
May 24th • Book Expo America, NYC
July 21st – 23rd • San Diego Comic-Con
September 10th&11th • SPX, Bathesda, MD
September 15th • Center for Cartoon Studies, Vermont
September 27th • Powell’s Books, Portland
September 30th – October 3rd • APE, San Francisco
October 5th • Seattle Public Central Library, Fantagraphics
October 8th • Wordstock & Live Wire Show, Portland

15 thoughts on “easy cheese

  1. How about a trip back to Wisco. Even if you’re chilling with your friends, it’d be great to have a conversation about your current project and a bit of random doot doot.

  2. Come to Sydney, Australia, Craig! Lots of great things to see and draw here, fab weather, cute animals, plus fans of course!
    PS. Love your work and blog!

  3. Thanks for the sketch of me. It was great to meet you and I loved both of your panels. I”ll tell Willy I saw you.
    Mike Hughes

  4. I hope you come to the east coast too, especially places besides New York City! I would suggest Philly or Atlanta 😉

  5. again, i beg of you to come to the pihilippines. =P david lloyd (illustrator of v for vendetta) was just here a few weeks ago and he was brilliant. im sure a ton of adoring fans would love to see you.

  6. I’m really excited about meeting you at Comic-con. Which booth are you going to be at? Does Top Shelf even have a booth? Or is Oni Press covering it? See you there! Look for the red-head.

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