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bolster beginnings May 18th, 2011

My little bro Jon (“Phil” in BLANKETS: see pee fight) runs a brand management design firm named BOLSTER with two biz partner buddies.
They’re moving into a swanky new studio space, so about a month ago, I flew to Minneapolis to help decorate one of the walls with a mural.
I caught a nasty flu, but managed to brainstorm ideas with my bro, and knock out a proportional paper version of the mural on his dining room table.

The REAL work — the tangible, sexy work of putting paint to wall – was handled by the talented Andrew Young.
Here’s Andrew solo, and then with my brother, in the earliest stages – projecting and tracing the drawing to prepare for painting.

As BOLSTER’s grand opening, Andrew’s birthday, and the mural’s completion approach, I’ll post more. (Next week, I’m in NYC for BEA.)

14 Responses to “bolster beginnings”

  1. Jordi Says:

    Nice art! Good luck to the project!

  2. etoya Says:

    that really looks nice !!!!!!

  3. Thomaz Tomatoes Says:

    Projecting the drawing onto a surface to draw over it… totally clever, never thought of that ;D

  4. Alex Says:

    Very ‘Chunky Rice-ey”. Hope I get to meet you on Tuesday at the expo.

  5. David D. Says:

    Looks amazing. Projecting art? I gotta try that sometime.

  6. Katie Says:

    Fantastic! I’m anxious to see the final product.

  7. Jonas Santos Says:

    vERY nICE.. I WANNA THIS ONE TOO!! my space is very small!! rs

    A hugh from Brazil Craig!!

  8. Lies VdV Says:

    I’m guessing our dining room isn’t an option?

  9. jess smart smiley Says:

    Dang. That’s HUGE! Are the characters in the middle of a brainstorm? It looks like the little tractor guys are pushing ideas together. Very cool.

  10. carlocki Says:

    where do u find the strenght?

  11. Eduardo Moric Says:

    Very nice your drawing. I really enjoyed.
    I really enjoyed your book BLANKETS also.
    If you can, visit my blog:


  12. Thomas Paine Says:

    great stuff ! wish I could come to the US to see it ! But just stuck in little Switzerland for the time being.

  13. Rick Says:

    That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

  14. Doot Doot Garden Blog Says:

    […] CBLDF. (For TRICKSTER at ComicCon, we’re planning a B&W screenprint version.) And the BOLSTER mural is not yet finished, but getting close. Here’s the scaffolding chaos from a couple of weeks […]

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