“the severed branches were still reaching for air”

Writer Elif Shafak: “In Istanbul, you understand, perhaps not intellectually but intuitively, that East and West are ultimately imaginary ideas,
ones that can be de-imagined and re-imagined.”

Meanwhile, my friend Kazim Ali is traveling through Jerusalem and Palestine and blogging at the Huffington Post. Please, check it out.
Below’s another peek at our collaboration for the CBLDF Liberty Annual (colors by Dave Stewart).

8 thoughts on ““the severed branches were still reaching for air”

  1. I think I’ve heard a similar thing to the tuba tree legend about the baobab tree in Africa. God took against it in some way and so replanted it upside down out of spite. Something like that.

  2. I love this tale. I like to imagine that the Tuba tree is planted in the right direction and that it’s not Tuba but our very world that is upside down.

  3. On another note: I just saw this!!!
    ‘Antwerp Book Festival – November 3-6 (details to come)’

    THANK YOU thank you thank you!
    This is amazing!!
    This is but an hour from where I live 🙂
    I got a chance to meet Charles Burns last year, and now this.

    This is great! 😀

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