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Kudos to all of you who figured out the CHUNKY RICE thank you cards (circa 1999). Grant got Jeff Smith and Eddie Campbell.
Mack guessed correctly about Alan Moore’s FROM HELL. And finally Isaac nailed Dylan Horrocks (not in that way), referencing my
favorite scene from Horrock’s important work HICKSVILLE. All the other artists mentioned are definitely influences of mine.

In other news, the mural for my brother’s brand engagement agency BOLSTER is complete, thanks to the handiwork of Andrew Young.

And there’s some great documentation of HABIBI at the printers on my German publisher Reprodukt‘s blog.

And finally thanks to my brother for updating the look of THIS blog. HABIBI book tour begins in less than two weeks.
Check the site and facebook for schedule. And some advance reviews are already pouring in. Hope to see you!


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  1. The mural looks amazing! Nice job. Is it finished in ink or paint? I’ve been wondering how you feel about cartoons (the cutesy, funny stuff) after having spent so much time with more realistic drawings. How do you feel about drawing your cartoons now?

    Anyway, the printing process looks so beautiful. It really looks like they’re treating your book well. Can’t wait to see it next month!

  2. The mural looks fantastic!!
    And thanks for the tip (I’m going to find Hicksville this afternoon at the comic book store) – You got me reading Baudoin, for which I am eternally grateful, because the work is amazing.
    It’s getting pretty close now, the release, reading that the book tour is only two weeks ahead of you. I’m going to pick up Carnet De Voyage again tonight. I don’t know if you ever heard of Boulet? He writes the most funny blog-posts about having to sign his work; I really hope this book tour turns out OK ?
    Maybe we should ‘order’ some signings ahead? Well, I’m getting in line anyway for sure!
    GOOD LUCK on the book tour!

  3. will try to come to your talk in paris. if you havent been to lucca before, think you’ll love it there- i recommend checking out the amphitheatre for drawing inspiration and icecream.

  4. beautiful! seeing the printing process photos must be so fulfilling and surreal. the mural is amazing as well. sad that you aren’t hitting L.A. on the Habibi book tour… I may just have to make the drive up to San Francisco! best of luck on the tour Craig!!!

  5. Question… if we can’t make it to one of your tour dates, where is the best place to buy the book? I mean, I know I can order it on Amazon, but is there an outlet to purchase it directly from you?

  6. Oh my god! I am actually going to be able to make it to one of your tours. This is so exciting, you have no idea. I’ve always wanted to meet you ever since I picked up Blankets 4 years ago. I’ll see ya at Maryland! I’m just absolutely thrilled. This has made my day Craig, thank you so much for this.

  7. Hi Craig,

    Listening to your Inkstuds interview as I write this. Don’t have words to describe how eagerly I await getting my hands on a copy of Habibi.

    As I was listening to the opening track I unconsciously began to create a thematic playlist of songs in anticipation of Habibi’s publication. I thought I’d share one with you, which you might have already heard, but I felt was particularly poignant from all that I know (or think I know) about Habibi. It’s called “Ni Sayyo Asaan Naina De Akhay Lagay” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

    Don’t have a translation for this, but there is another version on YouTube by Rizwan and Muazzam that has English subtitles. The title translates to, “My friend, I fell for what my eyes saw.”

  8. Just visited the Habibi site and I love the documentation of your progress on each page. I’m expecting fantastic things of Habibi and I’ve just pre-ordered on Amazon. Cannot wait to see you here in Paris!

  9. I just read in the papers today that Jeff Smith is coming to Antwerp as well!!
    Are you signing together?
    That’ll be the day!!

  10. Hi Craig!

    I understand you have tour dates in Montreal and Toronto. I am hoping to see you in Montreal Sept 23rd! Stay safe on your tour!


  11. Hey Craig!

    …I’m just holding Habibi in my hands…and I’m near to tears…thank you for this great, outstanding work!

    Hope I see you at germany some day, many greetings


  12. I’ll just second what Gunnar wrote previously. Habibi finally made it to Germany and we’re all terribly exited! In case my boss calls, I’m not feeling too well today…

  13. Hi Craig
    I also got my German version of Habibi yesterday – on my birthday! What a surprise! I didnt expect it before next week. It’s the best bd-present-to-myself ever! SOO beautiful! Thank you for the years of work, you’re simply amazing!
    Have a good tour, hopefully with no pain in your hand this time!
    Greetings from Switzerland, Verena

  14. there is no possible way to express my admiration, to have completed your book, to be so splendid at it, to keep us posted, to bring us inspiration and to keep the brush “inked”, still I would love to say out loud: WELL DONE!!!

  15. the book looks amazing. im counting the days for sure. ive been waiting since the last page of blankets, back in 2003 for this book. i know it will be worth it.

    i was wondering, where should i order it? is there an ultimate, or best version from somewhere i should know about? i want the best one. i saw a limited bookplate edition online, limited to 500, but its saying it wont ship until jan. 2012. and i cant wait that long.

    any idea if thats accurate, or where i can go to get the best version as soon as possible?
    id love to commission a drawing from you in one, and order directly from you, but im sure youre crazy busy with the tour. best of luck man. ever inspiring, cant freaking wait. its going to win tons of awards and do more for you and your career than you can imagine. the best is yet to come!

  16. Great mural. Would love to see it in reality.
    I wanted to say thanks for your great novels and for the print which i received of Reprodukt Verlag. What a nice surprise.

  17. I read Blankets today, what a beautiful beautiful comic. I loved every page. I fucking love comics, they enrich my life even though they are peripheral to the necessities of daily being, so anyone who can create something as awe inspiring as Blankets deserves every and all praise possible. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thanks

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