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Doot Doot Garden: The blog of graphic novelist Craig Thompson
today September 20th, 2011

Dear Blog-friends. TODAY is the official release of HABIBI. For those of you in NYC, I’ll be signing at Midtown Comics’ DOWNTOWN location
(64 Fulton Street) at noon – and then at the STRAND (828 Broadway) at 7PM. But HABIBI will be on shelves in book stores
and comics shops across the nation (and in UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Spain).

My apologies for the lag in updating you. I got nasty sick the week before departing for book tour and then got caught up in the whirlwind. Officially departed on September 9 — and once you’ve read the book, you’ll recognize the numeric significance of those nines. Participated in a pre-release fundraiser for the CBLDF at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland — then recovered at a friend’s farm in rural New York state, before speaking at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont — then continuing on to NYC. Word bookstore in Greenpoint hosted an amazing and intimate event moderated by Sarah Glidden. And then I appeared at the Brooklyn Book Festival.  Tomorrow is my 36th birthday (more NINES!) and I’ll be signing at the Harvard Book Store in Boston. Then Toronto, Montreal, Iowa City, Minneapolis, Portland, SF, Seattle, more Portland, and Europe. Hope to meet some of you along the way! x0


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  1. jess smart smiley Says:

    Dang—you are one busy guy! I’ve pre-ordered the book and can’t wait to crack the cover 😀

    After having followed your blog for the last two years, there is a lot of excitement built up around Habibi. I have no doubt that it will be your greatest book yet and the best graphic novel of the year, if not since Blankets.

    Happy birthday—may you be granted nine lives!

  2. Cos Says:

    happy birthday craig! cant wait to read the book. =D and happy habibi release day! =D

    keep being awesome. update us when youll be coming to the philippines, yes? =D

  3. steven Says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Elbert Says:

    Congrats! I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while.

  5. Han Ling Says:

    Happy birthday Craig!!! Stay safe on your book tour!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Amazon delivered my book a little while ago. Artwork and story are fantastic. Cover design makes this the kind of book you want to keep on your shelf for everyone to see.

    I am already halfway through and cannot wait to get home to finish it. Blankets kept me up until 3am.

    A lot of authors tend to have a single great book and go downhill after that. I can tell that you are not destined for the same fate. If you are ever in the Traverse City area again I would love to meet you in person.

  7. Rowan Says:

    hopefully see you in paris. big congrats!

  8. Marianne Says:

    Ooooh, when are you in Montreal? (& happy birthday!)

  9. nathan Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    amazon won’t be posting my copy til the 23rd :-(
    so much for pre-ordering!

  10. SquirrelBrun Says:

    Every previews you posted about it made me so eager to read it.

    Merci pour ton travail fabuleux!

  11. Michael Says:

    I picked up my copy on the way to work today! Please come by Maryland! I would very much like to have my copy signed!

  12. Laura Says:

    Eagerly waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail! And even more eager to meet you tomorrow at the Harvard Book Store event.

  13. Jordi Says:

    Congratulations for today and for your birthday tomorrow!

  14. Jordi Says:

    My habibi copy is flying to Spain!

  15. matt Says:

    went to three stores to find it. it’s beautiful

  16. Tommy Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for 2+ years or so and am just so excited to read Habibi. Picked up my copy this afternoon and am 1/3 through already. It’s just so astonishingly beautiful. I was worried I wouldn’t be drawn in by the subject matter as Blankets and Chunky Rice just meant so much to me personally, but I have just been floored at the story so far. And the artwork – indescribable. Every page is just stunning – just want to wallpaper my entire room with it. Congrats (so far) – look forward to finishing the book soon. Also – come to Athens/Atlanta. Please?

  17. eRiQ Says:

    Habibi Birthday!
    Yay – another year older for all us 21st Septemberians .. Must see if I can get a copy here in NZ – probably need to order it online… :)

  18. Thierry Says:

    Congrats Mr. Thompson! It was an honor to meet you. Habibi is amazing!!

  19. Lies VdV Says:

    My little girl, a big Chunky Rice fan has a birthday party as well today :)

    I hope the book tour will be inspiring and void of travel troubles! I’m getting my copy the day of the signing; I made a promise to myself that Habibi is my reward for finishing my PhD after seven years – which needs to be done in 2 weeks time. So I’ll hope to see you in Antwerp!

  20. zioluc Says:

    please keep us informed about the european tour!

  21. Beate Says:

    This weekend I was in Berlin – and Habibi was there! In German! I thought I had missed out, now I learn it was totally new. Looking very much forward to read it.

  22. Juliette Says:

    Fantastic, congratulations Craig! I can’t wait to read it, honestly.

    The bookshop Gosh (in London,UK) has just moved to Berwick street. I saw they have new copies of Goodbye Chunky Rice and the hardcover Blankets. I hope they have the hardcover HABIBI soon, I will be spending some money there….;)

  23. Jose de Leon Says:

    The tour started on 9/9/2011 20-11 = 9

    Have a peaceful and Happy Birthday, and many more to come!

  24. Terry Biddle Says:

    Received my copy yesterday. Been eagerly anticipating it. Beautiful, beautiful work. I can’t wait to dive into it.

    It was great meeting you at SPX. I wish you well for the remaining portion of your book tour, and have a happy birthday!

  25. aggy Says:

    Happy birthday Craig :)
    I’m waiting impatiently for my Habibi to arrive in the mail.. planning to devote a quiet weekend to it!

  26. G. Says:

    Congratulations Craig. Waiting to get Habibi. Cheers from Colombia.

  27. Tita Says:

    Congratulations and wish you greater years ahead! Hope to get Habibi soon here in Bandung, Indonesia.

  28. Mandy Says:

    I work at (the) independent bookstore in Tampa and just finished Habibi yesterday. I was so moved and enthralled by your beautiful work. Hope you have a safe and successful tour…come on down and say hey to your friends in the South! Cheers-

  29. Anant Says:

    Congratulations on the release and on your birthday! I look forward to seeing you in Toronto on Thursday and getting my hands on the book.

  30. Lara Says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday!!!

  31. Marta Says:

    I have preordered my book and it came last week! Loved it – it is like a rush. I would love to meet you in Germany!

  32. a fan Says:

    noooooo!!!!!!!!! i missed you by 1 whole day in nyc! come back soon!

    a fan!

  33. Tyler Says:

    Happy B-day and congrats on the book!

  34. Katie Says:

    Happy Birthday, Craig! See you in Seattle on the 5th!

  35. David D. The Christian Artist Says:

    Happy Birthday Craig! I got Habibi today and just from what I read so far it’s amazing! I didn’t expect the 4th chapter to be over 100 pages, but there was so much going on there and I wanted to finish it anyway. Love everything about it so far, can’t wait to see your next project!

  36. geneva Says:

    go craig, go! happy happy b-day. been missin ya! happy travels XO

  37. T. Odutola Says:

    Happy birthday! I hope it is a wonderful one and congratulations on the release. I have been counting down to finally acquiring this epic adventur for awhile now. You mentioned that you might be in SF during your book tour. Any dates and locations available on your site? Take care and hope you are feeling better.

  38. Jeff Says:

    I’m halfway through Habibi now. The art is incredible, and the story transfixing. What an amazing weave of themes and images! Thank you!

  39. Lisa Lim Says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos. Saw excerpts of your new book in Guernica Magazine and loved it. I bought “Habibi” the next day and read the entire book from cover to cover. Awed by your beautifully drawn storytelling!

  40. Marjorie G. Says:

    Congrats on thew new tome and happy birthday. I just good my copy in the mail on the day of release and I’m looking forward to finally meeting you at the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco next week!

  41. Anja Says:

    Thanks for the book. It’s truly remarkable. I like how you did not avoid the darkness in it, but how it is at some places even underlined. Both, the story and the visual art, are beautiful, stunning. Congratulation for your work, also for Blankets. I hope you visit Brussels soon, and do a signing here. Best and greetings!

  42. Dan Barry Says:

    My copy just arrived.

    A work of art.

    Simply beautiful.



  43. Anna Says:

    On attend impatiemment (le 26 octobre en France). L’annoncerez-vous quand et où (librairie) vous serez à Paris (si vous y êtes)?

  44. James W Says:

    I finished Habibi yesterday, I couldn’t put it down. The artwork, the calligraphy, is so beautiful. And the ending is just incredible, I went back and reread the last pages over and over. The level of detail and the intricacy of the storytelling, it”s all just wow, a huge achievement, unlike anything. The images are, of course, transcendent; each page can stand alone as a work of art. This book will be remembered, much like Blankets, as one of the greatest. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait to see where you take us next

  45. Amy Says:

    Hi Craig,

    I got my copy a couple of days ago and I must say, your artwork has really evolved in a way I didn’t think was possible for someone of such craftsmanship already. Really enjoying it! (have only read the first chapter so far- it’s so yummy). I hope you’ll be giving some insight into your artistic techniques sometime!
    (saying this as a fellow obsessive inker 😛 My work:

    Also… Happy Birthday!


  46. Anant Says:

    Great meeting you at The Underground Cinema in Toronto last night. Thanks again for taking the time out to personally sign our books. The presentation and Q&A were great!

  47. Pat Says:

    Great meeting you here in Vermont, Craig. Break a leg, or two, or as many as you need, on tour!

    <3 P

  48. Anant Says:

    JUST finished reading the book for the first time. The story is great, the art even better. I’ll wait a few days before I give it the customary second, third, fourth, etc reads in order to process all the ideas you’ve stuffed in there.

  49. Koen Says:

    Your book was in Ghent, Belgium; Three copies. And I was shocked as I have been following the whole process. It was just there.


  50. Connie Sun Says:

    It’s ravishing! Thanks for all the heart you put into Habibi. I’m grateful that you did. You signed my copy at Word and offered advice for an aspiring cartoonist — which I took it to heart. Thank you!

  51. Joseph Says:

    I am stunned on every page of “Habibi.” Gorgeous composition, lush inks when called for, sparse when not…it’s a masterwork. Like “Blankets,” it isn’t just another graphic novel, but redefines the field.

  52. axw11 Says:

    I just received my copy in India. super excited to go through it! thanks!

  53. Silvia Says:

    Tomorrow, tomorrow is the day. Habibi will be mine!!!! In spanish!! I’m excited!!!

  54. Jessica Says:

    Just got my copy in the mail and the book itself is GORGEOUS. can’t read to read it!

  55. Teemu Salohalme Says:

    Just finished reading Habibi yesterday, had to read the ending twice, the last couple pages were magnificent. That’s the way you end a story! Heartbreaking, touching, everything it should be.

    Habibi shows that graphic novels are really part of literature and not part of the comics genre.

    I’ll be reviewing Habibi in my blog this thurdday.

    Thank you!

    Teemu Salohalme

  56. Tania Huiny Says:

    what an overwhelming visual and story. love and love it, can’t stop imagining after reading it last Sunday. What a great talent, can’t wait to ready your next books :)

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