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tour updates September 24th, 2011

Endless thanks to all of you who’ve been supporting the book and/or making it to my HABIBI appearances. Great people, great energy. I’ve wanted to update the blog more often while touring, but discovered it’s difficult to squeeze in a moment. Hard to imagine I drew CARNET DE VOYAGE during similar circumstances. Thankfully, my hand is surviving this trip much better.

I’ve little documentation of my own of the various events, so feel free to courier some doot doot’s way. In the meantime, here’s a random selection.     1) Tattoos of my art at Midtown Comics in NYC:    2) Rare books room at the STRAND.

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  1. Jordi Says:

    Still waiting for my copy to arrive in Barcelona!

  2. jess smart smiley Says:

    It’s hard to tell—are those your drawings/designs as tattoos?

  3. Juliette Says:

    Nice tattoos!

    Just wanted to post of my happy surprise when I purchased HABIBI at Gosh in London, it came with a beautiful signed ‘EX LIBRIS’! I took pictures, I have one of the last ones 197 out of the 200. :)

    (feel free to remove the links if you do not want links/images in your comments, but they are not spam, I promise :) )

    plastic wrapper/sticker around HABIBI:
    the actual image/plate:

  4. Amanda Says:

    I didn’t show you my tattoo cause I thought I might seem like a dork…maybe next time!

  5. Joumana Medlej Says:

    I really wish you were presenting it at he Algerian comic festival in October, it would have been so perfect :)

  6. Sian Says:

    Canada Time!~I just bought Habibi yesterday and finished it in no time! I’m kind of sad now cause I don’t know when will the next story come out or will there ever be a next story…

  7. aggy Says:

    So excited to receive my Habibi in the post!!.. am in love with it already less than a quarter of the way through. Thank you

  8. Rachael Says:

    Today is my birthday and one of my presents was my very much wished for copy of Habibi! I’m so excited to read it. It looks utterly gorgeous. Congrats on the book (and a belated Happy Birthday to you, too)!

  9. Ismael Says:

    Hi Craig.

    I’m at the last chapter of the book, and I must say you completely took my breath away with habibi. It’s by far now my favourite book EVER ! I’m buying copies for all the people I care for (actually, even for those I don’t :D). It’s really mind-blowing, extraordinarily beautiful, inspired, deep, intelligent …

    Your book became a part of myself, of my culture, of my thinking… and I’m proud of it.

    I believe you brought to life the FIRST real good book about THE CONTEMPORARY MAN… his conflicts, his shame, his humanity … Anyway … it’s a Masterpiece. Those 6 years have been worth the wait.


  10. Angela Says:

    Hi Craig,

    thanks again for coming to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco! Great meeting you in person and hearing how you created your book. Started reading “Habibi” on the train and it is excellent. Have fun on the rest of your tour!

  11. ben van dyck Says:

    Hi Craig,
    In the Habibi tour list you write Antwerp Book Festival at Amsterdam The Netherlands . The festival is in Antwerp Belgium not in The Netherlands . Looking forward to meet you

  12. Affendi Says:

    Dear Mr Thompson, i don’t know what to expect out of Habibi. I don’t know why I post this comment. I don’t know why I even visit your blog. Oh, wait, maybe it’s because I’m a Muslim, and my favourite artist wrote a book with the word ‘lover’ in arab just grab my attention.
    Maybe I will be delightedly surprised. Maybe I will annoyed. But heck I can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail.


  13. izas Says:


  14. Charles Says:

    Disappointed you couldn’t make it to the Lee’s Comics signing today. Hope you have a great time at APE this weekend in San Francisco. Loved the memorable characters in Habibi.

  15. Dan Says:

    While you signed my book at Midtown Comics, I told you about how I visited Will Eisner in 2004 and that he spoke very warmly about Blankets. Anyway, I shared that story with Neil Gaiman after Will’s passing, and he included it in his blog…

  16. Carla GS Says:

    Hi Craig! I’m so glad your tour is going well. Please come to Sydney!! You would love it here…and your fans would love to see you! :)

  17. RAVEN Says:

    Hello Craig.
    What an honor to be able to possibly contact you through this blog thank you. I knew nothing of your work. I was in barnes and nobles looking for my monthlhy magazine WAXPOETICS and before I leave I like to check out the G.N. section. And saw Habibi I picked it up and try not to skim to far into it for instantly I reckognized a connection. The next week I bought it and in that same day read the whole thing. It broke my heart and at the same time rebuilt it. Thank you for creating it. When are you going to be in Seattle or Portland Im in Tacoma and those are the only two location I could realisticly make it too. I wanna get my copy signed and I was Curious if I could commission you to do a piece for me Im a musical artist I do spoken word and hip hop and Im working on several projects and would feel honored to get a piece done by you let me know but if not thanks again for the work of art, it was beautiful.

  18. Rowan Says:

    hi craig, i just finished habibi. thank you so much. There was an islamic open day in my local market place today. I wandered in and they had some Arabic manuscripts on display. I had a good look at them, thinking of your book, meanwhile a man was trying to convert me to the faith. I told him about Habibi. He gave me a copy of the Quaran. x (He didn’t recognise the word ‘Habibi’ until I wrote it down, and then was pleased that it was Arabic.

  19. Rowan Says:

    & good luck with your tour :)

  20. Shelly Says:

    Hi Craig, it was amazing meeting you at APE a week after i read Habibi~ 3 hours in one setting, because i just can’t put the book down~! I love Blankets so much, and was afraid Habibi might be a let down, but your story has GROWN so much and it has such a wider breath and deeper understanding that really demonstrates what hard work in mind and spirit you have done in the past 7 years~! Again, i think this is a sure win for the Eisner and any other comic book awards out there, because it’s Sublime, just like the message it gives: A beautiful prayer to love. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Cory Says:

    Habibi is beautiful and I am so thankful to have you work in my life. I randomly picked up Blankets five years ago and it changed my life. I wish you had the ability to come to Colorado. Hopefully next time.

  22. hanan Says:

    I have no idea what is book about
    I was searching the net for a song I bummed into this book habibi
    I saved it on my book mark well buy the book even have no idea what its about
    I was born in Jerusalem I left at age 8
    lived in USA all my life
    look into where Craig Thompson is from his back ground have not found anything yet
    but its moving its touching info cant wait to find out more
    I am artist not much of a reader but I try to read it you never know it might get stuck on me

  23. Sanaa Says:

    Hi there!

    I would like to buy some of the artwork from Habibi as prints – would this be possible?? I would like to buy originals form you rather than just photocopying the book!!! Which by the way is absolutely fantastic!!

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