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cupcakes & passports October 5th, 2011

Dear Readers, thank you for your patience with these rare posts. Tour is still chugging along, though I’m touching down
in my home Pacific NW a few days before heading off to Europe. Here’s some quick updates:

1) My tour overlapped a few times with Anders Nilsen and Adrian Tomine both on the road promoting new books
(Big Questions / Optic Nerve #12 – both amazing). Here we are at a Brooklyn Book Festival panel.

2) In Minneapolis, I lost my favorite jacket with my passport zipped inside. This led to some frantic days in San Francisco scrambling to get an expedited replacement. Photos via Jason in Chinatown! My event at Lee’s Comics in Mountain View had to be canceled, but was revisited at the Alternative Press Expo.       2) My 36th birthday happened in Boston hosted by the Harvard Book Store. Everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me on stage at the Brattle Theater, and gifted me a cake, three cupcakes, and a bottle of bubbly (balloons not pictured). The most special cupcake was regifted to my generous media escort Lynn.

4) You fans are beyond sweet, presenting me with beautiful pieces of original art. Here’s a Chunky tribute by Justin that needed to be shared.         5) I’m in Seattle today appearing at Seattle Public Library (a day after my friends Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy), but yesterday I touched base in Portland to sign 1,500 copies of stock at the Powell’s Books warehouse. Here’s one of the two and a half palettes. Tomorrow, I return to Portland for events at Floating World, Bridge City Comics, Wordstock, and Livewire.

Then off to Europe – with my new passport! xo

14 Responses to “cupcakes & passports”

  1. Shandara Says:

    I just ordered my copy of Habibi, so anxious to get it now! It looks great… hope you’ll come to Montreal soon :)

  2. Imran Siddiq Says:


    Curious who I can contact about film rights. In particular HABIBI.



  3. Diana Says:

    It was great to finally meet you. Thanks for signing all my books and my sister’s books at the Alternative Press Expo over the weekend. :)

  4. Diana Says:

    P.S. I think the place where you went to get your picture taken is not too far from where I work.

  5. David D. The Christian Artist Says:

    Careful with the passport Craig! :)

    And I am glad to have read Habibi and it inspired me a lot, especially to have more sympathy for the poor.

    And I noticed a couple of “cameo’s” from your other books. :)

  6. Jordi Says:

    Welcome to Europe! any plan to visit Barcelona?

  7. jess smart smiley Says:

    That’s really too bad about your jacket and passport. Yikes! Congratulations on such a successful tour :)

  8. mike hughes Says:

    Hey Craig. I just wanted to let you know Willy Vlautin and Richmond Fontaine are playing Friday at Star Theater. See you at Wordstock.

  9. Juliette Says:

    Losing a passport is the worst :(

    So you will be coming to Amsterdam, NL? or Belgium? or both? 😉

    Wanted to say I read HABIBI in two days, I finished it a while back when the sun was still out, on a small bench overlooking the river Thames. It was too relaxing and perfect! :) And I thoroughly enjoyed HABIBI and found it educational as well.

  10. Nusha Says:

    It was really nice to meet you last weekend. Hope the rest of your tour goes well and that you come back to Berkeley/San Francisco again some time soon.

  11. Feras Says:

    Hey Craig! It was great meeting you in SF at Comix Experience and APE! Congrats on your book and tour!

    You may or may not remember me, but I brought up my comic series about Arab/Muslim identity when we met. Well, here’s the first issue!

    just click on “older” near the top to progress.

    Thanks for taking the time to read! Feel free to send me critiques, and that would be wonderful! Enjoy, and have fun on your book tour!

  12. Ann Says:

    Dear Craig, when will you be in London?? Love to see you at the book signing!

  13. angela Says:

    Hi Craig; I just wanted to send thanks for coming to San Francisco. APE was the first time in weeks that I’d taken a day off from my internship, and it was a piece of heaven. The unplanned surprise of seeing you present there made it even more so. Thank you for all your beautiful work, and for being a huge, ongoing inspiration.

  14. Andrew Wilson Says:

    How do you create so much work and still find time to stay in such great shape?

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