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HABIBI book tour is a sandwich. One bread slice (or one month) is American (two days Canada) and the other slice is European. In between was a thin slab of Portland time, flavored with coffee and rainwater; the tastiest part being the HABIBI-inspired art show hosted by Floating World. Pictured here: Carson Ellis, whose new book WILDWOOD with hubby Colin Meloy is a MUST-HAVE — and Theo Ellsworth, who worked alongside me in the studio, drawing his book CAPACITY, occasionally indulging in afternoon cognacs while inking.

Below, from left to right: Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Brandon Graham.

Not pictured: Mike Allred, Farel Darlrymple, Lark Pien, Aaron Renier, Jen Wang. My cartoonist friends are the best in the world. These scans don’t do the pieces justice. If you live in Portland, check out the actual work at FLOATING WORLD. For everyone else, the show has motivated me to put together some sort of special book so that these beautiful tributes can be adequately shared. My continual thanks to you readers for making it to the events and being so kind. Euro tour begins TOMORROW.

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  1. Speechless ,this is sooo beautifull i’ve seen this superb graphic novel a masterpieces Habibi yesterday in my friend places who just come back from Canada. the book is not yet release in europe ! but i’m sure you already have your french publisher casterman who will translate this beauty!! all i have to say its congrats for achieve such a long hard work and give us the joy and opportunity to read it. thks


  2. Hey Craig! Just finished reading Habibi – it arrived today in my mailbox and I couldn’t put it down since I put my hands on it this noon 🙂 I’m sure you’ve heard it many times already (and you’re gonna be hearing it many more!) but this is a superb piece of work. So much emotion, so much detail, so much beauty in it. It shows the devotion and love you put into it in every panel.

    My only worry is that now that I’ve read it, I’m going to have to go back to the waiting for your next one all over again 😀

    Hope your Euro tour brings you to Greece this time around. All the best!

  3. Hi Craig, I’m Ann, a Chinese comic artist living in London. I have been so looking forward to your new book Habibi. Finally I got the signed hard cover copy last Friday. It was a wonderful read! I think your story telling and drawing skills have been so much improved since Blanket. I’m enjoying this book so much and now I’m introducing it to all my comic friends in China. Great job Craig!
    Best wishes,


  4. Damn, would have been great if you could come to the International Festival of Comics in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, like you did in 2009, and like Ba and Moon! I’ve already imported a copy of Habibi, can’t wait for a translation in portuguese – i don’t even know if it will ever be made!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed Blankets and am very excited about reading Habibi! Are you planning on coming to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle this year? Please say yes!!!

  6. Brazil should be included in the tour, not only because of the brazilians Bá e Moon, but also because good stories are universal e timeless

  7. Hi!
    there’s still no informationss about your tour in Paris, please can you tell me where and when you’ll be? ( i don’t live in Paris but i really wish i could see you so i’d like to know more about it) and any tour dates planned for Geneva?
    Thanks! All the best,

  8. Great seeing you at Wordstock. Thanks for the beautiful print and drawing. Have fun on the rest of your tour. Let’s get drinks on your return.

  9. Oh my. I got Habibi yesterday and just finished. Every page, a masterpiece. Filled with emotion, showing a great deal of work not only by the drawing board… Great story, vast knowledge. Thank you, you just made me really happy.

  10. I just got a copy of Habibi from the mail this morning and I’m immediately blown away by the book’s amazing details and storytelling!

    Also, you have a lot of fans here in the Philippines (I’m actually from Bikol, a province which is around 8 hours away from Metro Manila). Please, please come and visit us!


  11. Hey,

    It’s getting difficult with all these great comments, but I’m still waiting untill I can get it signed.

    See you in ANTWERP!!

  12. Hey Craig,
    Habibi is an amazing book. I enjoyed reading it from cover to cover and I really appreciate your work. As an artist myself, I’m very much inspired and encouraged by your 6 years’ dedication for creating one masterpiece. I read through your previous blog entries and very impressed by your perseverance and passion.
    I hope you don’t mind that I have translated a few blog entries into Chinese, to encourage my comic friends in China not to give up creating graphic novels. The post was so well received that about 3000 people have reposted it and commented. We are all moved by the way you have devoted to your work. Please believe me, there are so many fans in China who can’t wait to read Habibi. I hope the book will be translated in Chinese soon!!

    Best regards,


  13. Hello Craig, I read your book the other night and I think I´ll have to read it a few more times until I understand it…or maybe read the Bible first. Anyway, my question is: are you coming to Spain? And also: have you found a remedy for your hands? I hope they don´t hurt, and thank you so much for your work.

  14. Hey Craig!
    I just picked up a copy of Habibi at Gosh in London this past weekend. I am now looking at your tour dates and it would appear that you were in Paris (Where I am currently in school) while I was in London, thinking how awesome it was that I was getting a signed copy, when really, if I’d just stayed in Paris I could have gotten a REAL signed copy. Bummer.
    Anyway, the book is beautiful and the story is great. I hope you’re enjoying your tour!

  15. Hey Craig,

    “Habibi” is my first Graphic Novel im reading, and its such amazing. Altough my Book is in bad print quality… strangely. But that did not stop me from reading.

    Thank you Craig for this book.

    ps.: I’m from german, sorry for my bad english grammar

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