tour resumes – london & angoulême

The adventure continues. Next week, I’ll finally make it to the UK – at least London – for some HABIBI events.
Friday the 20th of January, 6pm at FORBIDDEN PLANET  •   Saturday the 21st, 5pm at GOSH
Monday the 23rd, 7pm at the St. Albans Conference Centre – a COMICA event  •   Tuesday the 24th, 6pm at MEGA CITY COMICS.

Then it’s on to the Festival International de la Bande Dessinee in the cozy and chilly village of Angoulême, France.
(Art Spiegelman is the prez this year.) Casterman will host me for daily signings at their booth Thursday the 26th thru Sunday the 29th.
And I’ll be performing in the intimidating spectacle of the “concert de dessin” every evening along with Bastien Vives,
Alfred Circus, Marion Montagne, Merwan Chabane, Benoit Sokal, Jean-Louis Tripp, and Paco Cerrejón.

An explanation of these images : There’s many overt references to classic paintings planted in HABIBI – here’s one of my favorites,
echoing The Poor Fisherman (1881) by Puvis de Chavannes. The half-swaddled infant in the background reminds me of Viktor Pokov’s
1969 painting July, previously cataloged in my list of rip-offs and inspirations.

21 thoughts on “tour resumes – london & angoulême

  1. Hurray for Angoulême and you coming back to European shores!
    I’m not certain I can actually go to Angoulême, but then I was so gutted at learning you’d been in Paris in October with no book signing scheduled… Any chance of congratulating and thanking you for such an amazingly inspired and moving work in person in Paris around that time…? J’espère !
    Hoping to meet you again very soon xx

  2. Looking forward to meeting you at Gosh. I am traveling from Belgium and hope there’s time for you to sign all my books (blankets, carnet, chunky) and not just only Habibi 😀
    Big fan you know…

  3. I love that you use and note your references to classic paintings. I’ve noticed references to famous historic paintings in other comic artists work, but they’ve always been surprised to know that they’re work echoes another’s.

    You’re gonna CRUSH the concert de dessin!

  4. Hey Craig
    I may have asked this before, but I was just wondering if you recieved a comic that I sent you earlier this year, round Sept?


  5. Oh, come on!
    It’s a pity coming in France for Angoulême and not signing in Paris.
    Too bad. Hope we can see you another time.

  6. Hi Craig

    You really made my day!!! While I’m typing this I’m still waiting (with a big smile on my face 😀 ) for my Eurostar back to Belgium….
    It was so lovely meeting you, you are the most friendly person I’ve ever meet!!!!
    I can’t thank you enough… So thanks thanks thanks for your nice words, signing, picture…. I really appreciate it!!!! Have a safe trip around the rest of Europe!!! Really looking forward to your future books and hope to meet you again some day!!

    Kindest regards
    Your Belgian fan Liesbeth

  7. Mr T,
    Thanks for being so extra nice and chatting to everybody who came to see you at GOSH today. it was great to meet you and say hello. Take care and enjoy France!

  8. Hello again Craig!

    Still enjoying the fact that I finally got to meet you.
    In all my excitement I forgot to ask you something in London… Is there a way to contact you so that I can ask you the thing I forgot to ask you?? Or If you have a free minute in your busy life…thanks for your time/reading this!!!

  9. Dear Mr. Thompson,

    After 7 years of waiting, 1 missed event in Belgium, none in Paris, 1h30 standing in line, thank you so much again for the drawing/signing in Angouleme! It was just wonderful to meet you and see that your books are just a reflection of your kind-hearted person. I noticed people warning you about the huge number of persons in the queue but you did not seem worried. You do respect your readers and I’m sure you took the time to chat with all of them while drawing.
    Blankets was so intense, it echoed so deeply and left me shivering for days and every time I read it, Chunky Rice, melancholic and Carnet de voyage, dreamy. But Habibi… is a pure jewel. Heard your interview on France Culture, it was really cool. You did such an amazing work, entwining your extensive research, your intellect to your graphic talent, so powerful…Wish I had more time to discuss and ask you about your work, so many questions! Perhaps in another seven years? 🙂

    Wish you all the best Mr. Thompson, your heart is too big for this world.

  10. Hi, Craig,
    Thanks again for signing your Habibi “tour de force” outside Le Monde des Bulles at Angouleme on Saturday evening. While we were getting thrown out by a security agent, you decided to finish the session outside. Having Habibi signed that way makes it more special… something to do with free will and resistance.

  11. I finished “Habibi” this morning and it affects on my soul will not soon be forgotten. I recognized some illustrations/images from my childhood in your illustrations of the story of Moses, especially when his mother places him in the basket and Miriam follows. I hadn’t thought of that story, or childhood bible in decades – it’s amazing how long images stay with you. “Habibi” will as well. xob.

  12. I found a lone copy of Habibi in my local bookstore in Vancouver (Pulp Fiction), and cannot wait to sit down and read/explore it after all this time following your work.

  13. Habibi is amazing. I hope you’ll come back to Paris for singing.

    Anyway, tanks a lot for this great “bande dessinée”.

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